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  1. I have had this happen to one of my chickens a couple of occassions and I have found that the quickest remedy is to put the chicken in a bowl of very cold water and hold them in that for a few minutes. I usually just let the undercarriage get wet. After this she will happily just stay in the water for quite a while and after 2 times in one day it knocks them out of this moody, broody situation. Good Luck
  2. Just would like to know if people shut their Cube doors during this cold period. Have had my girls over a year now and have never bothered apart from when fireworks are being let off. Girls don't seem to bothered about the cold.
  3. Check this out, click on the link below The Real Chicken Dance Only in America
  4. xsoggyx Sorry to hear about your terrible dilemma, I too have had the upsetting problem of cannibalistic chickens and it is no fun. My chocks injuries were similar but on her back, a visit to the vet and she had to have 3 courses of anti-biotic. We let here free range around our permanent run so the others could still see her. We only properly introduced her after one month (the time it took for the wound to heal). WE then sprayed her with Ukadex and touch wood no more problems. Her feathers are only just starting to be back to normal and that’s 3 months after the pecking started. I know that you have sent the small one off to ‘BUPA’ as you say but I think you may have the same problem of reintroducing her when she comes back. She will seem like a new chicken again to the others. It may have been better to keep her and let her run around letting the other see her but living separately. I’m sure others will have their own views, but this is what most seem to say.
  5. If it's bumper bits you are after, put on another thread asking for some as I know some people here order too many and have said that they would sell them on this forum for 10p or so.
  6. Try Ukadex spray it stopped bullyinh with mine and others on here. If you say she has drawn blood then I would get some quickly to stop the feather pecking or you could end up with more problems. Can you keep them seperate untill you buy some, this may give the smaller bird a bit of time to overcome her bullying. Hope this helps.
  7. You will find that every now and then they (chickens) have a little rest from producing eggs. Give it a few more days and i'm sure she will be back laying in full production.
  8. Have to agree, Sounds like they are turning broody, and will pull their own feathers out to line the nest. Put them in a bowl of cold water for a few minutes to keep heir tempreture down or in a broody box. See other links re broody.
  9. Buy some gravel boards from a local builders merchants, much cheaper than B&Q or Do it all. Buy some 1 1/2 inch number 10 bolts with nuts or wing nuts. then just drill holes where needed and bolt on the outside of the run. For the front where the door is I put the boards on the inside so I can still open door and chickens can still get out. On the rear you have to cut the boards a little short so that you can still put the wheel arms down if you want to move the cube. Hope this helps
  10. Use abiose if you are keeping the run in a permenant area, very easy to clean and cheaper, put gravel boards around the edge of the frame Cube or eglu to stop it coming out (chickens kick everything in the air so need 6 inches hight).
  11. I have a cube and 3 extentions, used to have 5 chickens but down to 3. I don't move my cube and the chickens only free range at weekends. Personally I wouldn't have a smaller run as chickens get bored etc and that's when problems appear. I think that what Omlet say about how many chickens in the coop and run could be that 6 in stand run or 10 with a extention in a cube but with a lot of free ranging I would not like 10 chickens in my 4 meter x 1 meter run, I think they would be to sqashed up and the amount of pooh in that small area would mean constant cleaning, not even aubiose could handle that much pooh in a confind space.
  12. Why do we bother last again and only got two lots of votes. We obviously have no friends in Europe!!!
  13. Why is that every year my wife wants to watch this rubbish. We've got sky with 100's of channels and she wants to watch 25 awful songs. Who's gonna win, I couldn't care less.
  14. Hi i've got a cube plus 3 extensions so the whole thing is now 4 meters in lengh. I did have 5 chickens in that but now sadly I only have 3 but I wouldn't have it any smaller. They seem to love the size which is handy as mine is on a permenant site. I have tried to move the run but it is difficult and heavy (I'm quite strong and young) thats why it sits where it does and I don't move it. The only way I did move it was to seperate 2 meters of extension and lift them on their own and then move the cube on it's wheels with the other part of the extension still attached. Hope this helps.

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