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  1. Hello all, first time posting here and hoping someone can help I finally got a maisonette of my own with a garden shared with nice neighbours underneath, we got 2 lovely ISA Brown hens and completely in love however have become concerned how noises from neighbours on each side of garden may be affecting them All winter it has been so quiet and no issues at all, but it turns out as soon as the sun makes an appearance neighbour on left and on right crank up music (each side) super loud and getting *****ed shouting to each other across the fence with my garden containing my girls in the middle the sad thing is that neighbour on the right has 2 hens also.. (but they are badly cared for so therefore he likely doesn't care how the noise affects my hens), am at a loss for what to do, all winter it was fine, we have a mix of private owners but also renters with council agency, with the behaviour I've seen from the renters in good weather am concerned it will get worse from them in summer including barbecues etc, especially as they don't seem fussed how things affect their own hens, and are the 'type' to not care Was considering moving my girls and horse to a rented field that would allow both together so they are hearing natural sounds and not the neighbours, do backyard hens adapt to noisy neighbors or will it upset them? They didn't seem upset and were roumahing for corn etc but worried anyone else dealt with this or have experience with this situation?
  2. First time chicken owner, are Pets At Home Beech wood chips OK for the chicken run? I know flyts of fancy do specialist wood chips but needed to put something down now

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