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    I wonder if anyone can give me some advice. I have had chickens for about 8years now and for the first time one of them is getting bullied. At the moment I have four and they have been together happily for about 3years but suddenly one has been pecked in the middle of her back. I am not sure which of the other hens has done it as they still seem to mill about together quite happily during the day. They live in a cube and have a huge area outside during the day so there is no question of overcrowding. Any advice would be really helpful as I am at a loss what to do.
  2. I have an eglu and a cube which is the best combination The cube is really big and I would not fancy moving it in a car! The eglu is there for sick hens, holidays etc. I have had the eglu a few years now and sometimes I just let them choose where they want to sleep and they swap around. The cube is so much bigger and much easier to clean out - not so much bending. Any chance of pushing him into getting both
  3. I have found the same - they don't argue when they are free ranging. However I have just got a cube and it came with two new chickens so I have been keeping them in the cube and run and letting my other three live in my old eglu and free range around them. I did this for a week and now have let the new ones out to mix and although they get the odd peck if they overstep the mark the old girls are being pretty good with them. Slow but sure certainly worked this time. The only problem is if you have any way of keeping them apart for a week. Now I let them choose where they want to sleep and they are swapping about at the moment but I think soon I will close up the eglu and move them all into the cube.
  4. They are lovely and Isa Browns are so friendly. You will have lots of happy times with them. Congratulations.
  5. Mine is a purple too and I love it. Quite fancied a pink but thought it might be too 'in your face'. Bet you can't wait til it gets there now.
  6. I have spoken to someone who is going to add an extra bit to the top of the fence but have it sloping inwards with netting on it so they won't be able to land on it - hopefully! Thanks for all your ideas. Their pen is turning into Colditz!
  7. When my cube was delivered I was told the new drinkers were still at the design stage and not in production.
  8. feemcg - clipping their wings doesn't make any difference
  9. Netting sounds a good idea. At the moment the top 2ft is wire netting and they bounce onto it and squash it down. One even tried to nest in it one evening and it was really hard prising her feet off it. They can jump/flap onto the cube roof quite easily and the poo mess looks horrid and attracts flies. I have to hose it down daily. Sorry feemcg, I should have remembered it was you. "Ooops, word censored!"ody else seems to complain about it so maybe we are just unlucky. The top is so flat I think they treat it like a roof terrace
  10. One of my three old girls always used the top of the eglu run to launch herself up onto the top of my outer run fence (8ft high) and then would free range for a bit and then wait at the gate to go back in. Now I have introduced my two new ones and although they are settling in quite well there has been a little bit of bullying but not too much. If it gets too much for them they hop onto the cube roof. However the old escapee has taught one of the new girls that the cube roof makes it easy to get onto the fence and out. Quite worrying as apart from foxes one of my dogs is half feral and would kill her too. I am going to add a bit more to the fence but I was interested to hear if other people have this problem and how they discourage their chickens from going upwards. By the way all of them have their wings clipped and Mark, from Omlet, did the new girls only a week ago so it can't be my poor wing clipping technique. I know someone else put a picture of chicken poo on top of the cube roof onto the forum. They don't even need to use the old eglu but just jump and flap to get onto the cube. Any advice would be really welcome as I am terrified I might lose one.
  11. I hope it's all gone well for you and you are now enjoying watching them play in the cube.
  12. Looks great. Just like mine I am really pleased with the extension - hope you like it too. Gives them plenty of space. Mine have had no trouble with the ladder and are very happy in their deluxe home.
  13. Hope it is all up and running now and that you love it. My girls are sheltering underneath it. It is perfect for this sort of weather. I can't believe how much rain has come down in the last few days. I don't think we are going to get a summer. It will probably rain til the autumn
  14. Hope you have a wonderful day. It is pouring with rain here and not due to stop all day. Fingers crossed it is better where you are.

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