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  1. Ok thank you the chick feed doesn’t have any meds in it so assume not but I’m not sure. I will leave it coz they are quite happy girls so assume all good.
  2. Hi I have noticed one of my chicken has done a poop a little yellow but she doesn’t do this consistently. Does she need to be treated for coccidiosis? If so I have no clue what to give her and my other chick. Please could you advice? they are 4 weeks old. thank you
  3. Hi I’m based in the West Midlands. Anyone here selling there Eglu Go Up. I’m happy to buy second hand if there’s any going up for sale and happy to travel outside of the local area.
  4. Sonali

    Chck beak

    Thank you so much for your advice. I have been worried for them. My whole family thinks I’ve gone chick crazy 😂 never thought I would be so fond of them.
  5. Sonali

    Chck beak

    Hi the chicks are 2 weeks old and I bought them home when they were two days old from a hatchery. I have read about the “tooth” but was not sure if this was the case. I really hope it is as I was concerned I need to give them some kind of vitamin. They definitely did not have the beaks cut when I got them home. I had a glass bowl with their grit in it could this may have caused it? Their food is in one of the trays with the little holes and they have a waterer. They are in a plastic tub for now until they go outside. They do keep pecking the side of the box but I wouldn’t have thought this wou
  6. Hi all I have noticed in the last two days one of my chicks had the top of her beak chipped and then this morning I noticed that the other one had the same issue. I am new to chicken keeping and worried if I am doing something wrong and if so what can I do different. Also will the beak grow back? I have conflicting information online and quite confused and worried for the poor chicks. They seem happy but I don’t know if they are in pain.
  7. Hi I have noticed today my two week old baby chick had chipped the top of her beak. I have read that it will grow back can I check if this is something to be concerned about and if I need to take it to a vet to be checked out.

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