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  1. Thanks for all the advice & suggestions. Yes it is my land and I should be able to enjoy it chicken free but the neighbours have been completely immune to my requests to keep them in. So what can I do practically in that situation? It’s not practical to fence them out because I‘d have to fence off the vehicle and foot access to my property too. I’m not going to chicken-nap or dispatch them - it’s not their fault, they’re just being chickens. A dog is a long term commitment and I avoid using chemicals - even fictional ones! In the absence of anything I’ve missed I guess I’ll talk t
  2. Our neighbour keeps about 20 chickens including 4 cockerels. I’m not much bothered by the crowing but the neighbour lets them out to spend all day on our much larger land. I want to be able to enjoy our land without tripping over them when I turn round and without the damage from their scratchings, dust baths and chicken poo. I put some straw out to burn the other day for example and when I came back to light it they’d spread it everywhere and I had to spend half an hour raking it back up The neighbour has not responded to requests to keep them off our land which unfortunately is not easily

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