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  1. Ok excellent ... Thanks.
  2. Hello speckled hen. Im sorry if ive offended you by now answering before now. I have had an old friend visiting for the weekend and not been on here. Your comments are very interesting and food for thought. I know that people have different ways of doing things. Is this one of the bee keeping hot potatoes? As in fairly sure i read somewhere that all bee keepers should treat for varoia yearly regardless. I dont mind being disagreed with .... or told im wrong! Im only a beginnner so greatful for all conme ts
  3. Hi. I thought it was good practice.to treat yearly irrespective? Thats why im asking. No positive sightings
  4. HENthusiastic


    Hi guys. I understand that I need to be thinking about getting some Varoia treatment. Just wondering what make people would recommend (or warn me to avoid!) Thanks
  5. I havent had hardly any contact with my local bee keepers associstion so i dont feel comfortable borrowing from them this year but Im hoping to jave more.contact over the year and then borrow next year. (If i dont get one for christmas!!) We have 2 hives ... but only one is occupied ... At the moment!
  6. Thanks guys .... I didn't know about washing with cold water.... Sounds like a very good idea. Thank you. My son loves using the hose so that can be his job (3year old!) Yes ...I understand that ill have a big waxy mess....I've read that you can put the wax by the hive and the bees will clean the last of the honey off it? It sounds like you think this isn't a great idea doing it without an extractor?? I just thought it was a low tech easy way for our first batch. Please say if I'm being daft! I'm happy for any advice.
  7. Thank you very mich for your replys. Ive been thinking and watching you tube videos and ive decided to miss out using an extractor this year and just do the s"Ooops, word censored!"e and sieve method... just s"Ooops, word censored!"e all honey and wax intk a big strainer amd then crush it all uo and wsit for hiney to strain through. Will get armed with newspaper and planning to go this sunday!!!
  8. Hi guys. I'm excitedly looking forward to my first honey harvest. I've put some pennies aside and this is my shopping list.... I'd appreciate any feedback. Have I thought of everything I need?? Thanks in advance. Sharp knife Extractor Bucket with a tap on the bottom Strainer Jars I'm thinking about getting a 4 frame extractor.... I assume metal is best?? I'm going to watch some YouTube videos too! Excited
  9. Thanks guys that's really helpful. So, I'll save the ash for them when I have a wood only fire. I like the old tyre idea too - thanks.
  10. Hi guys, I've got a stove that burns coal &/or wood. Would there be any benefit to me mixing some ash in the chooks area in an attempt to improve the soil? It seems a shame to just be putting it in the bin. There must be something I can do with it? Thanks for reading.
  11. Right ho - thanks guys. I'll get her booked on a course. She has been to visit both our friends hives a number of times and spent quite a bit of time chatting bees! Our friend chose the hive I got her and he's very experienced. He also lives nearby and has said he will help her. His bees have recently swarmed and he's said he may be able to let her have one of the swarms if the queen has mated and is laying eggs.
  12. Oh has wanted bees for ages. I've just got her a hive and now I'm worrying! Was this a little rash? Will they sting the chickens? We have 2 very good friends who are bee keepers, but should she still go on a course or will she learn enough from reading on here and if I get her a good book? Will she need all the equipment straight away? Eak! Hope this wasn't daft. Ps ITS A SECRET!!
  13. Thanks redwing. By doubling back- you mean kind of zig zagging yes? Is it right that it shouldn't touch itself?
  14. Hi guys!! Anybody know if I can cut my electric fencing without ruining it? I'm changing my set up and will have an area that's smaller than my length of fencing. Thanks
  15. Right .... Local butcher will butcher for £10 a head. Found an abattoir who will "do"them for £8 each. Also worked out that I need a form from defra. Then just need to sort transport! I'm getting there!
  16. Hi guys, I've not been on here for ages, but I hope you don't mind me asking for help because I've been left in a right pickle! I brought 2 lambs on the understanding that the seller was going to pick them up, transport to slaughter, help with paperwork etc ..... Now she's gone AWOL on me and I know nothing! I only have a berlingo so I don't think I can transport them live. I've started researching on internet.... I'm think I'm going to have to get a home slaughterman (how, where, how much) and then find a butcher who will do them (is this please, do I just walk into butchers and ask). As for paperwork I've no idea! I'd really appreciatesny help advise. We were hoping they would have been gone way before now as the alpacas need their shed back. Thanks in advance for any help
  17. Ha ha! I have found your secret thread! You are all total loves I am so touched by all the thought, planning and work that has gone into joes beautiful blanket. Omletteers truly are a special kind of folk. Thank you, thank you all.
  18. I just think all of you involved did a fantastic job. It was so kind, generous and thoughtful. And amazingly colour co-ordinates! It looked as if one person had made it, and all the colours went so well together. Thank you so so much. I hope I get to meet more of you one day to thank you in person.
  19. Sorry about the size of my pics, and the fact that they seem to be all ways up! I have been trying ..... Honest. Luckily I used the "preview" for the first picci because I'd actually posted a picture of a pig, feeding her piglets, instead of the beautiful blanket! Now that would have confused you all wouldn't it.
  20. Laurie and ED were in the area yesterday and popped in for a very well timed visit. Me and K were having a small crisis of confidence about caring for our little unpredictable bundle of cuteness and she poured reassurance and comfort on us
  21. And this was made by the talented and generous egluntyne Thank you so much
  22. Oh yes, sorry for not making that clear. It was made jointly by all those named. Isn't joe lucky?

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