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  1. I'm looking for an Eglu Go Up frame and ladder set (wheels not required) please. Located in Wiltshire but would consider some travel to collect. Many thanks in advance.
  2. Lovely to read this! Congratulations!
  3. Golly. It's been a long time since I entertained forums and now I remember why. Sigh. @BeantreeI disagree that re-homing is the only option, at this stage, and we will continue to explore options for our hens.
  4. Further to my last post, we are looking into the possibility of purchasing a 2x2x2 metre Omlet WIR (we don't currently have room for a larger run although this may change in the future) for our newly acquired 3 hybrid girls. They are currently in a Go with 2 metre run when on their own for short periods of time (which they appear quite content in) and then a much larger, not fox-proof, area the majority of the time when I am home (please see previous post if interested). Although they have lots of space, they are compromising the fencing and their safety for the desire for grass! So
  5. Thank you folks for your helpful and kind comments about our hens and their home. My husband and I have spent much of the weekend discussing options. We've considered wooden posts in the corners of the area in an attempt to stabilise the netting along with some sort of kick boards and further posts in the middle of the area to support the netting rather than drape it over the trees. My husband isn't confident in his (limited) DIY abilities to complete this work that will give an aesthetically pleasing end product. Aesthetics will play a part in this as our garden is relatively small
  6. Aw, thank you. That's really kind of you to say. I think they are really gorgeous and I just want to provide them with the best I can while also keeping my husband on side (he's not too pleased by this. He's a golfer, you see, and can't bear the thought of his grass being mud!). He is trying to help and looking around at other cheaper runs on the market. Lots of metal pole constructions with "Oxford-welded hexaganol wire mesh". I've tried to explain this is "chicken wire" and not fox-proof (our biggest threat in the UK and we are rural) but they are misleading as claim to be "predator proof".
  7. Hi Folks, "Newbie" in all senses of the word, here! I'm 3 weeks into my new 'project' and, rather sadly, losing a bit confidence actually. I wonder if you can help. I have an Eglu Go with a 2-metre standard run that is enclosed in a wood chip area ~12 metre square with Omlet chicken fencing. I'm at home during the day with my toddler so the plan is that the girls will have free-range within this fenced area whilst I'm home and go into the run when I can't be at home. We have had 3 young hybrid girls for nearly three weeks. They quickly demonstrated how young and flighty they

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