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  1. An update on Chedworth and his scaly legs! The Nettex treatment not yet arrived but have continued the Vaseline every day for him and every other day for the rest of the flock. Just given his legs a wash with baby shampoo and most of the scaly bits have now fallen off and his legs clear underneath. Will apply the Nettex to them all when it arrives but no obvious signs on the others. Thanks for your advice 🐓
  2. Thanks, he has only been separated since Saturday so think will be fine. He is very good natured! Will order the treatments now and continue with the Vaseline until they arrive. (will also update my list of hens as flock expanded since I was last on the forum!!)
  3. Thanks for your speedy response. Some lumps of scales have fallen off! when I’ve been applying the Vaseline, obviously softened already. Do you think it’s okay to put him back in with his girls? Have kept chickens in an Eglu for many years now and the first time I have had problem. Where do they pick the mites up from?
  4. Hello, not been on for awhile but first place I thought of when discovering my beautiful frizzle cockerel Chedworth has scaly leg mite. . Had noticed he was hobbling a bit but couldn’t find anything wrong but took him to the vets at the weekend. She was not a chicken expert and has said she will get hold of of some drugs from a chicken specialist but I have treated him for four days with Vaseline and already a huge improvement. Just wanted to ask, have seen that using surgical spirit in conjunction with Vaseline works well, how many days of each do you do? Have treated all my hens with Vaseline too, only one with slightly pink legs so think others okay. What is the best product for disinfecting my Eglu cube and Eglu classic please? The vet also told me to keep him in solitary confinement which he is not happy about and I feel he would be fine back in with his girls. What does anybody advise? She did say she had only examined a chicken once or twice in the past, so although she was very helpful, I think members of the forum are much more knowledgeable when it comes to chicken health!
  5. No luck yet with our squirrel trap baited with a chicken drumstick (sorry girls !) and an egg,may try sardines tonight. Was talking to a vet today who said if we catch it we do need to kill it as really is a nasty pest and wouldn't want to drive it miles only to pass the problem on to someone else. Will keep you posted.
  6. Thanks, could be worth a try,old remedies are often very effective. I am considering a visit to local farm supply shop tomorrow to buy a trap,though not sure what we do with the stoat if we caught it!
  7. Thanks but as we are in a rural area with no near neighbours I think it probably is a wild stoat. We do see them running across the road occasionally but never thought about possible danger to the girls until I saw it so close to them earlier. There was also a dead pigeon in garden which totally disappeared minutes before stoat was spotted....? Coincidence or not?
  8. Help there is a stoat hanging around the garden near my girls. Found an egg outside the run too and they are all acting quite strange. Have shut them in the run but are they safe,could it get through the bars and obviously cannot keep them shut in every day. Any advice,especially on how to catch a stoat!!
  9. Thanks,I will pass all your advice on.The last I heard Darling was up and about but not too keen on eating,but that was yesterday and no news today so fingers crossed all is well. Came home tonight to find a broody Maggie.......lasted 7 weeks last time despite me trying to intervene!!! Wish me luck!
  10. A friend has just told me that the fox has killed one of her chickens,did get another one but dog scared the fox off.Any ideas on how to treat very small bantam (called Darling) which is in shock and possibly injured but not anything obvious. Have looked on forum and seen some suggestions of arnica and rescue remedy. How much do you give? Hope you can help,the two little girls who own the chickens are very,very sad.
  11. She has been out and about again today(between the hail showers) and I have seen her eating too. I really dont know what to expect each day and as ther seems to be nothing I can actually do I will just have to wait and see what happens. Thanks for your support everyone.
  12. Hi,after seeming to be on the road to recovery all week Lavinia has now gone downhill.She is drinking but hasnt eaten much after being really hungry for the last few days.Other girls quite unsettled now and not wanting to be out much without her . She will come out but just stands in one place with her eyes closed.Still yellow,sadly I feel she may not have long left,perhaps it is her liver after all.
  13. Poor you,hope you & your daughter & your other girls are not feeling too sad.
  14. Thanks for asking...she is very well and seems quite hungry! Nearly finished antibiotics which she hasnt enjoyed but easy enough to administer now. I think she may possibly be regaining a bit of red colouring on parts of her face and am wondering if it is actually going to be connected to laying and she may start again soon ( but I wont be able to eat the eggs for a while because of Baytril !! ) I keep saying " Do you think Lavinia is less yellow today?" Even brought her inside for thorough examination under a light last night which she seemed to enjoy!! Will keep you posted.
  15. Thanks,I only give sunflower seeds as a treat or to get them in the run when I am going out,but only ever once during a day and a couple of days a week without.Do you think that is too often? Lavinia nearly at end of Baytril,still yellow,eating well but not 100%.Staying in alot but not surprising in these freezing temperatures.
  16. Thanks,she is not laying at the moment,but has been until November when they all stopped!! I spoke to a friend today who is also Veterinary Nurse and general opinion at the Vets is that the yellowness all over is most likely due to liver failure for which there would be no treatment. Very sad,but will just have to watch her closely for any change. She is still eating,especially ready brek and sunflower seeds!
  17. I have used Verm X for at least a year and girls have never had any worms yet....Is that just luck or is the Verm X working? How do you know?
  18. I did go to the vet today.She loved Lavinia and was very complimentary BUT no idea why her skin and face are so yellow!! Possibly due to something she has eaten or maybe her liver which would be difficult to diagnose properly and impossible to treat. Have started her on a course of antibiotics (Baytril) and just have to watch her closely and return if she stops eating or becomes unwell. Will keep you posted if any developments.
  19. Any ideas...... Lavinia seems to have gone yellow!! Comb still a bit red but face and legs plus skin under feathers seems to be very yellow. She is still eating but not herself,have been away this week and friend looking after girls so not sure how long she has been like it! Thinking I may need to take her to the vets tomorrow unless someone comes up with any useful tips.
  20. So sorry to hear about your girls,I have lost 2 girls in the past to a fox whilst they were out free ranging during the day.The second occasion i came face to face with a him with poor little Priscilla in his mouth,he didnt even run away when I yelled at him. I hope you soon have some new girls to love.
  21. I guess we will have to go through same ordeal tonight but maybe each time their behaviour will improve ( I hope ) I can't remember it lasting too long last time I introduced 2 new girls but do remember it being traumatic. Old girls out free ranging now and babies in run,not sure about letting them out until they are happy in Eglu and run,I dont want them going into hiding somewhere in the garden as darkness falls! The resident pheasant is VERY annoyed that the run is closed he usually pops in for supper when the girls are out! Good luck tonight.
  22. They will all be friends one day (wont they). Didn,t get much sleep last night worrying about poor babies,funny how the big bad bullies are actually the ones that went through this before and got my sympathy then. Woken VERY early by squawking and went to investigate,opened door and baddies came out leaving babies cowering in Eglu,a few more s"Ooops, word censored!"s over next couple of hours then I relented and babies now very happy back in their Wendy house! I will put them back in run later when big girls are out in the garden . Good luck with yours! Lucky you to have a cube!!
  23. My 5 together for first time tonight but not sure they will put up with each other for whole day tomorrow! Have not let new 2 out free ranging yet in case others don't let them back in,perhaps in a couple of days if they are a bit friendlier with each other.This pecking order scenario is horrible to watch but I guess it is just nature at work should be OK soon...new girls been here for 6 weeks now so the sooner the better!!
  24. Tonight my new 2 who have been here for 6 weeks living first in the conservatory and then the wendy house are in the Eglu with other 3 ...fingers crossed.They have seen each other through the wire and in past week have spent some time in run together but tonight I stood by and watched and they eventually all stayed in the Eglu with some pecking and noise but they have to get used to each other don't they.Not sure if I am brave enough to leave them all together for a whole day tomorrow or to let the little ones out to free range just yet.The oldies seem to discriminate against colour!!! It is definitely the lavender one who is getting pecked the most. Will I get any sleep tonight or lay awake worrying about them I wonder!!

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