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  1. redbug

    K mix

    Have you got you kmix jess?
  2. Frightening world we are living in!
  3. redbug

    K mix

    Daughter has used the kmix and made a carrot cake.....partner said it was the best cake she had made! She loves her kmix
  4. Yes I saw that! A brilliant price! I've never heard of it but a 3 year guarantee is good! I believe you can return electrical goods whatever the reason! (a bit like Lakeland)!
  5. redbug

    K mix

    Thanks Olly for doing the click thingy! Wow it's back up to original price!
  6. redbug

    K mix

    Daughter has bought a k mix from black friday deal! click
  7. redbug

    K mix

    Some nice colours! Wouldn't mind one myself Sent my daughter your info! Thanks Olly
  8. redbug

    K mix

    My YD is thinking about buying a k mix does anyone have one of these and what are they like?
  9. [quote name="gavclojak"....hells bells is there anything you can't learn on this forum It's great it's it!!!
  10. Just about to say.....dispatched from Hong Kong! probably why they took 3 weeks But very good price!
  11. I went to see this very enjoyable! I thought it was very well portrayed and thought provoking!! but not what I expected. Saw this in the mail:- http://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-2814719/Benedict-Cumberbatch-transformed-Frankenstein-s-monster.html
  12. Have't watched episode .....ooh .......front headlines on mail online! I know who went out will watch later on iplayer!

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