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  1. Just watched it on iplayer Some great designs! I'm liking a few at he moment! Have't got into the names yet!
  2. Very true SD What a sad loss so funny - what a waste of life
  3. If only I had the body of an 18 year old!!!!! Me too on both counts
  4. Now I would have thought someone else should have gone home!
  5. I missed it last night - going to watch it on iplayer later
  6. I have taken back electrical item to shop - they gave me a refund no questions asked. Very good service!!
  7. Don't understand some people life is too short to be mean Won't do them any good being so mean and selfish!!!
  8. Looks great fun amazing what a difference you've made
  9. Thunder and lightening throughout the night and torrential rain which hasn't stopped. Vile
  10. Good looking tree surgeons can't be bad and all those logs a bonus
  11. redbug

    Hive Alive BBC 2

    Thanks E will look out for it on iplayer not about tomorrow pm. Sounds interesting
  12. Played ok! That was great what a clever little Tango Cannot believe its 3 years how quick has that gone I remember you getting her
  13. My first thought was basil leaf looks very similar not strawberry. Are you going to keep it growing
  14. Think you have to have a special licence to release them

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