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  1. Waiting for news of more little cute chicks.... I thought they all hatched at the same time.....patience needed
  2. Never used pads either.....my dog chewed them up left in streams of stuffing a right mess Used them up with GC when they were little under sheets when they came out of nappies
  3. Poor chap must of slept
  4. thought this was amusing http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2649381/Zoo-worker-gorilla-suit-critical-condition-shot-tranquiliser-dart-training-exercise-no-one-told-vet-wasnt-real.html
  5. Seen lots of these in the background of TV cooking shows
  6. Lots of things with gold in them:- Gourmet Gold for cats Flora Gold Smirnoff Gold Captain Morgan gold rum Yorkshire Gold tea Gold top milk Magnum Gold ice cream Wispa Gold Tropical Gold fruit salad Vanish Gold Not sure if this helps 50 years of marriage is a huge achievement congratulations to your mum and dad
  7. I have had a email from omlet 10% off everything today ONLY Omlets 10th birthday Wish I had spare Money for a cube
  8. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2637973/Bran-flakes-beer-ANYTHING-stop-slugs-Suddenly-slimy-blighters-How-fight-back.html
  9. Rain all day hasn't stopped now thunder
  10. Surprises me how many folk go shopping in pjs and d. Gowns Some a bit sore on the eys
  11. Yea miserable......I got stuff to do in the garden
  12. Me too Anywhere Conversation to non chicken friends .......chickens
  13. Grass......wats that look like Chooks demolish that green stuff
  14. I only let my chooks out if I'm in my garden Seen foxes about but not in my garden but frightened to take the chance
  15. Think it's best not to take the chance of letting a chicken swim

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