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  1. ????? They were shocking - no thought what so ever nasty people
  2. redbug

    Bees in London

    Thanks Olly for doing the click thingy
  3. redbug

    Bees in London

    Thought this was interesting click
  4. That video on you tube. how awful those poor chickens how those men Manhandled treated like rubbish on a tip!! So sad to see !! I am so pleased some can taste some freedom. The 19 do look in a sorry state!
  5. That is the problem ......never reaches the freezer ......taste too nice You might have to make more quiches.....for the freezer of course
  6. Yes I saw that very clever chook.
  7. I use Nippon liquid in a bottle top..... keep filling it up. line of ants for a day or so then none. Works well for me
  8. I glad you are all safe. You can always build another barn! Hope you find last kitty. What an eventful day
  9. Some nice looking bags on that site Plum
  10. Poet was lovely always answered your post was very sad and missed.

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