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  1. Sorry - forgot to reply. Harriet died that night. I read up on egg peritonitis and from her symptoms I think that's what it was. In lots of ways I was glad she died when she did as, from what everyone else has said, they don't recover from it and the vet wouldn't have been able to do anything. Poor Harriet.
  2. Hi Everyone Harriet has been very quiet for the last few days and we noticed that for at least 2 days she's hardly moved. She's very hunched up and her comb is almost flopped over. I don't think she's eating much - I tried to tempt her earlier but she just moved away. Her poo is pretty well liquid and is a yellowy white colour. Does anyone know what might be wrong with her?
  3. Thank you! Didn't think of looking there!
  4. I've been looking on-line for where to get a bumper bit but the place that everyone recommends (Wernlas?) has now closed down so does anyone know an alternative seller?
  5. We haven't tried a bumper bit yet, Snowy. We were going to last year when we got our newbies but I read several accounts on here of them falling off or being very difficult to fit. That may be our only option though. If they really work then I'm happy to give it a go.
  6. We wondered about doing that but, like you, thought all the introductions would be a nightmare. Babs shows no signs of passing on unfortunately! We've had some really lovely hens and each time they've been the ones to get caught. Mind you the dog next door did get Babs once but she's so feisty she fought him off and recovered! You have to admire her.
  7. Hi everyone - I've not been on here for ages but I would really value your advice on what has become a tricky situation. We had 4 hens a few months ago but unfortunately one was attacked by the dog next door and died and another was taken by a fox. We're left with our oldest hen, Babs (probably nearly 4 years old), who is not a nice girl and has also not laid a decent egg in months and Harriet who is very sweet but hasn't been laying well recently, probably just because of the shorter days or maybe she's about to moult. We would love to get more hens but Babs is such a bully that we can't inflict her on any new girls because she would just peck them to bits like she has every other new hen we've ever had. Poor Harriet constantly has a bare bottom. We used to regularly get 4 eggs a day but now it's maybe one a week? I know this sounds horrible but the ideal thing for us would be to get rid of Babs but we don't know how to - we can't give her to anyone else as she would probably do the same to their hens but neither can we bring ourselves to finish her off. Does anyone have any bright ideas - we're really missing our home-laid eggs. Ps I can't remember how to get rid of the icons at the bottom!
  8. Thanks everyone. I think we will go ahead and just keep an eye on the poo.
  9. ... apparently we won't be able to cover it as it will be too big. Oh dear. I really thought this was the way forward for our garden but we can't do it if it's going to be smelly.
  10. Hmm.. Thanks. Just been reading another post about stinky chickens and I wonder if we ought to consider covering the run with a shower curtain or something. The only reason we thought about this was after watching the BBC programme about Growing your own veg and her hens seemed perfectly happy pottering about on soil. But, as my hub pointed out, they were right at the bottom of the garden, away from anyone sitting having a cup of tea.
  11. Hi! We've had our hens for a couple of years now and still love having them. The only problem we've found is that the lovely garden I once had is no longer. Because they've been free ranging most days, I still have lots of shrubs but most of my perennials have been nibbled to death and I'm really missing them. So.... the plan is to extend their already quite large run and have an add on at one end which they will be able to access by a little door. The flooring of their run is paving slabs covered with aubiose but the extension will be just soil which will be open to the sky. We've never had a problem with smell in the covered run but I wonder if the fact that it will probably be quite popular with them hence lots of poo, combined with being open to the elements will cause us problems. We haven't built the extension yet as I wanted to ask you all what you thought first. If this isn't a good idea, can you suggest anything else?
  12. Thanks! Milli your avatar could be Molly's twin! Molly is not having a good day already - she stole another plant pot ( a regular occurrence) but this time with a fern still in it and I'm not sure if it's going to survive. As soon as I'd rescued that, she nabbed my son's shoe and tried to bury it in the border - another favourite pastime. I do have times when I wish she was a sensible 'normal' dog but I have to remember how much fun she is the rest of the time.
  13. Hi everyone - I've not been here for aaaaaages but as it's Molly's first birthday I thought you might like to see her again. If I can remember how to load photos... I'm not sure if this is the right size - I followed Fred's guide but it looks a bit big to me. I'll try another one. Molly is just gorgeous. She drives us round the bend at times but is very much part of our family now. Unfortunately Rolo Rabbit is no longer with us so I'll change my avatar to our last photo of him. He's still very missed.
  14. Thank you for your advice - it's so reassuring knowing that somebody will always be there to help.
  15. ... but I have just noticed that it's not just her botty that's bald, it looks like under her wing is going as well. Does that make it more likely that she's moulting? She's definitely only a year old (today as it happens!!) so I thought she shouldn't moult til next year?

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