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  1. Ninu

    Broody Hen

    Hi Cat Tails Thank you so much. really appreciate your help. I will sort this out now.
  2. Ninu

    Broody Hen

    My hen has been broody for about 2 weeks. I keep taking her out of the nesting box . I separate her in the mornings so that the others can lay. But now she has stopped laying. Any advice will be helpful.
  3. For a few days one of my girl's was feeling a little low. Not eating enough, sitting down , kept away from the other hens. She continued to lay but not every day. We went away for a few weeks and our friends stayed at the house. On sat they saw blend near her vent. They cleaned her and she perked up. Last night they all went into eglu and this morning they found her it the bottom of the ladder in the coop. She died. I just don't know what could have gone wrong.
  4. Hi in three weeks my girls have eaten all the grass in the run. Now I have just soil. What is the best thing to put on the this soil to stop it getting smelly and cleaner for the hens.

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