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  1. Cool, thanks a lot. I'll see if i can find a home for her - it'll be for the best Actually, how does one go about rehoming a chicken? I don't know anyone else who keeps chickens which is why i got the Bantam in the first place. Is there places that takes hens?
  2. Yeah, the other 3 are normal sized hens, but only about 6 months old so not much bigger than her at the moment. But one of them is particularly aggressive towards her and actually chases her down I don't really have space for another chicken (i have a Eglu Go with 3 meter run so 5 hens would be too much?), so that's not really an option. Is there a chance them all free-ranging they'll just gradually get on, or is it just going to carry on being violent towards her?
  3. Hi all, back story - had 3 hens for about 3 months all good and laying. Then my friend had a year old bantam that was donated as his others all died. I’ve tried to introduce her gently but they all chase her and pecking/plucking her feathers quite aggressively. I have a fairly decent sized garden which they have free range in so the bantam is able to run away and hide but it’s been a couple of weeks now snd she’s obviously scared of them and stays out of the way most of the time. But then when she gets too close she gets attacked again. So my question is will the other 3 ever acc
  4. Can’t see any evidence of rats. One of the chickens has been ‘shrieking’ quite loud recently which I thought sounded like a warning cry. But I’ve not seen any predators around. id have though if there was predators around, they’d seek security in the house?
  5. Yeah, thought it could be bugs, but can’t see anything in the house, they all 3 stopped sleeping inside the same day, so obviously something up somewhere 🤷🏻‍♂️
  6. Hi there, New here! have had 3 hens for a couple of months in a eglu go. Have been sleeping in house always, yet the last 3 nights all 3 of them are just sleeping on their perch in the run. anyone know why this would be, or if it’s even something I need to worry about? They seem happy enough, and protected in the run but seems a bit odd? thsnks!
  7. Hi, had 3 hens about 2 months in an Omlet Go - every night they’ve gone in to their house at night no problem. All of a sudden the last 2-3 nights all three of them are sleeping out on the roost bar in the run. The house is clean, tidy, (despite them always throwing the straw everywhere) and not sure any predators are around. Anyone know why they would suddenly stop wanting to sleep in their house? Mites maybe although I thought the Go wasn’t prone to mites? and is it a problem? I mean they seem happy enough, all snuggled together on the bar, they’re secure in the run but obviously f

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