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  1. Thanks for the reply. When I’ve let her out she has taken herself back to the nest box pretty promptly and will barge anyone else in her favourite spot! She isn’t making much fuss in the cage though. Feel a bit mean keeping her in there but she is just heading straight back to the coop/nest box when we let her out! I also don’t want to keep her out of the nesting box incase she does need to lay…. Although unlikely given her recent broodiness I assume!
  2. Hi All we got our gorgeous pekins 4 weeks ago one had just started laying. And she has now gone broody! We were not sure as first but then the signs of her not leaving the nesting box, looking like a flat feather pancake and loosing some of her feathers. So after a week of keep removing her from nest box, closing the door to nest box etc (in hindsight prob left her to long) we got a broody cage (dog crate with wire mesh bottom), have had her in this raised off the ground with food water and we did pop a roosting bar in for her for three nights 2 days. I attempted to let her out and she scratched about, pecked a little but then went back to the nesting box in her usual spot! my question- how do we know when she has stopped brooding? Will she just not bother with the nesting box/coop, or is that a place of comfort for her she will go to because she has been locked up? I don’t know how long to keep her locked up for! (First time chicken keeper, first time dealing with broodiness!!) thanks all sheena
  3. Thanks so much for the replies the bunk bed looks fab!
  4. Hi All we have had three gorgeous little eggs from our new Pekins 🥚🥰 However, the ‘eggskelter’ I bought to store them, seems to big and unless balanced they fall through 😳 Has anyone got any recommendations for storing the small bantam Sized eggs? thanks
  5. Unfortunately I feel this is the option we will have to wait. It is so disappointing we have already waited two months 😕 we will have the omlet fencing for extending the area for run but when we are not in will be in the predator proof run so altho an option to have on the ground as you say won’t be predator proof!
  6. Hi all I wondered if anyone could help. I am awaiting my order of the go up and run however there has been huge delays in the delivery. Only to find out there is a shipment being held at customs and this has my go ups frame!! i wondered if anyone knows if there is a possibility of using the go with the go up run without the frame? Maybe popping the coop on something to lift it up from the ground? Or will it only work with the frame, I believe the run attaches to the frame… desperately want my coop and chooks now 😕 thanks all
  7. Thank you. I wasn’t thinking detol lol! But I watched a webinar on chicken keeping from omlet and it was stated to disinfect the woodchip and I didn’t really know what that was relating to. Thanks for your suggestion
  8. Hi all we are going to put woodchip down in our run and I read somewhere (not sure where) to take it snd spray disinfectant spray. Which do people suggest using? And how often? thanks all
  9. Hi everyone! after a bit of advice, we have ordered our eglu go up with 2 m extension run, we have also fenced off an area of the garden for them to be free a bit, ur not the whole garden so we can keep some plants 😄 I will be at home a lot so they will be out in the bigger part and some days when we are out all day be in the run extention. I am planning on plenty to keep my girls entertained. Now, my question is chicken breed- so we have two young children (2 and 5) so would like them to be friendly. We really would like friendly docile non flighty birds but we also like the idea of eggs. So we like the pekin bantams but we are thinking of getting two pekins and two more egg producers (maybe a light Sussex?) I really like the Orpington but not sure if these will be too big in the eglu go up. I also have read about not mixing standard and bantams but we are getting them the same time same breeder snd around same age. anyone reccomend which breed would go well with a pekin which is still friendly docile non flighty an egg layer?? I am thinking of maybe a Orpington bantam! My second question is- we may be getting chickens from different breeders, hopefully on the same day and of the same age- will it be ok to just put them in the run/coop together? Any tips (we dont have a spare coop/run!)😀 thanks in advance for an excited newbie 😄🐓

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