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  1. They are in a really boggy part of the garden. We have them on top of soil covered with grass protection mesh and then a 5cm layer. Used hard wood chippings (I think ash) ordered from internet. Their run is totally covered in tarpaulin with some reed matting on 2 sides as we are quite exposed to wind and rain where we are. Will take a look at flyte so fancy. Thank you Thanks will take a look
  2. It is just soil with some grass protection mesh over the top. It is the n a really boggy part of the garden. Only 4 chickens and we did a 5 cm layer previously.
  3. Help! With all this rain our run has turned into a bog. We covered it at the beginning of winter with hard wood chippings but these seem to have disintegrated into mud (although I am not sure we put enough down) What is everyone else using and where are you getting it from?
  4. Hi. Can anybody recommend any good chicken breeders in the South Yorkshire area. Somewhere in Derbyshire was recommended to us but they are not selling at the moment. We are new to chicken keeping and are looking for 4 hens. Thank you

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