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  1. thanks for your suggestions - I am going to try the cover over the eglu to darken it in the morning. When I leave the door open overnight, she shouts to be let out of the run, during the day she shouts to be let out of the big run into the garden!!! it did use to be just after an egg had been layed - but now its all the time its like having a duck - it seems to me she isnt happy unless she is let out in the garden - but we have hedges and its not secure. Anyway - I will try the cover over the eglu and let you know if we get a sleep in Thanks again for your thoughts
  2. Hi We've had our hens and eglu for two years but since this winter Peckham has been very noisy and the other half is at the end of his tether - especially as it starts at 5:30ish. She found her voice when I started giving them warm breakfasts during the snowy weather - or rather when i stopped!!! She now squawks all the time... I am ashamed to say I have tried the water gun as mentioned in previous posts (although I dont fire directly a her - just up in the air in her general direction) but this hasnt stopped it much - also cant think what to do in the morning. If anyone has any ideas please let me know - the other half wants to dispatch her back to the park she came from - but we have had her two years and I think this would be cruel as I dont know if they would despatch her.
  3. the other day - only 2 days, but now I will keep adding water (and occasionally more poo) so I suppose the poo ages.!!!
  4. Oh also trying it on the tomatoes.... has anyone else done this....
  5. Last year I put chicken poo in a watering can plus lots of water and the beans just loved it... I would be interested to know which plants other people have fed chicken poo too and whether they had good or bad results... I have read that flowers dont like it... but am currently trying it on a potted grape vine and my sweet peas... Not sure if I am helping them or killing them Dawn
  6. peckham


    For the last few years everything has been eaten in my garden - but last year I went out every night and put all the slugs and snails in a bag... I did pop in some slug pellets in, but now I have run out.. Last year each night I filled half a tescos carrier bag full (disgusting!!! and I havent a big garden) but this year it has reduced amazingly... Before the big collection I tried nemotoids but they didnt work for me... And this year I am continuing with oatmeal, tescos cheap beer traps, diatom, copper ring tape on plastic bottles and even hen gravel around the tender plants... BUT I still go out every few nights and collect the slugs and snails and this really is the best method I have found so far..
  7. TESCOS!!!!!!!!! I hate to say it, but I often shop there and Ive never seen it... never even thought to look Dooh!!! Thanks for your quick reply - I'll have a look tomorrow
  8. Does anyone know where I can get non-homogenised milk - I live in Sheffield. .. I never expected the eggs to taste so good, but they reminded me of eggs from childhood, and I would like to find that lovely creamy milk we use to have delivered... to give to my little ones.. Thanks
  9. Last year we moved the eglu and hens to grandmas for their holidays... They had plenty of love and care (and the odd sausage because they "loved it" ) The hens will be going again this year - it was quite easy to move the eglu in the car, and the hens didnt seem to mind it at all - even being carried in a laundry basket. We have the omlet netting so they still had a bit of room. Grandma hadnt looked after hens before, but she didnt have any problems at all... we made sure she could contact us for any advice - I'd recommend moving the eglu to the person most willing and able to look after the hens, then you arent worrying about them.
  10. whoops that was me ... thought I was still logged in.. Thanks again
  11. I want to make the beeswax polish but Im stuck in the house at the moment - does anyone have any good web sites for things like beeswax and real turpintine? Thanks Dawn

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