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  1. Omlet 1 metre perch, barely used, includes box, brackets and instructions-£10 Chicken swing as seen in Omlet store, never used-£10 Omlet hanging food holder (for greens etc) barely used-£5 2x Omlet poppy peck toy, again barely used £5 each. Collection from Plymouth, if you would like photos please ask.
  2. Thanks, I will definitely post pictures once it's all sorted . The cube arrived yesterday and we set it up, really impressed with the look, quality and functionality of it, although you would hope so for that price 😆
  3. Well I ended up getting the cube instead 😆 I justified it by telling myself that if we ever move to anywhere with more space, I can get some more chickens. My husband thinks I have completely lost the plot now! The run is starting to take shape, still lots to do and perches etc to assemble. Hoping to make it as interesting as possible in there for them. My run is about 9 square metres in total, I was hoping to get four chickens but I have been reading another forum where people say you need 10 square metres per chicken? I mean obviously in an ideal world I would love to provide that much space but does the average person really do this? This particular poster said that giving them much less than that is only one step above battery farming. So now I am starting to doubt the space I will be giving them, they would be allowed in the garden sometimes but this won't be every day for various reasons? Any thoughts?
  4. Girly- I think that may be a smiliar run to the one I have bought, was it from ebay? Although mine has a curved roof and is 3x3m. The Omlet walk in run is really nice looking, wish I could stretch my budget to that but I have already spent so much, these will be the worlds most expensive eggs, but then it's not really just about the eggs is it! 😄
  5. Ahh I would love a whole flock but we live in the suburbs and I am a bit worried about noise/smell and neighbours. Also I am limited by our run size as they will be spending most of the time in there. It's my absolute dream to move rurally and have a collection of various animals, including of course a flock of chickens, one day maybe!
  6. Thanks for your replies, I am thinking of cancelling the order and then ordering the cube. Thing is once I have set it up if it does seem too small it would not be easy to return. I guess the sensible option would be to get three chickens instead but I really have my heart set on four...
  7. Hi all, Have purchased the go up (although it's not arriving for a few weeks yet) to go inside or attached to a 3m x 3m run. We want to get four hybrid chickens such as ginger nut rangers. Even though the specs say that you can fit four chickens I am worried it won't be big enough and wondering if I should have got the cube instead. Can anyone advise? Thanks
  8. Ahh perkins are gorgeous! Cat tails thankyou for the advice about the cube but it's a bit beyond my budget at the moment. We have decided, due to the price of wood, to buy a metal walk in run instead. It will be slightly smaller at 9'10 x 9' so will probably opt for the Eglu Go Up and then three or four chickens,maybe hybrids I am not sure. Perkins?! Auto correct fail! Pekins
  9. Thank you for your replies. We were thinking of three or four chickens, four being the maximum we would want so hopefully they would be happy in there if we add as much enrichment as possible. I was considering getting the Eglu go up as I thought that would give them a little more space underneath it. The breeds I have been looking at are either hybrids or ginger nut rangers (think they have lots of different names) thanks for the tip about Leghorns I had read they were flighty and not good for confinement. Now just need to start building the walk in run!
  10. Good morning all, I was wondering if any of you keep your chickens in a run the majority of the time. If so, what size is your run and how many chickens? We were considering building a run about 10' x 10' and wondering if this would be big enough. I also wonder if there are any breeds that are happier to be confined?

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