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  1. I could have written that myself! I haven't run the marathon, but I have done the Moonwalk twice 26.2 miles, so if I can walk it I can run it or is that a stupid assumption? I trained for a 10k last year, and did that but probably walked about half of it as I signed up and started training 10 weeks before it, I only did that because my eldest grandson was diagnosed with NF1 so I ran to raise money for The Neuro Foundation, now called Nerve Tumours UK. But I've only run a few times since then. I want to run the marathon so am tempted to put in for the ballot! PM me if you want a running buddy.
  2. My Dottie was a lone chicken for about 3 years after she killed her nest mate Skye, I didn't dare risk getting more in case she attacked them too, she lived until she was 7 and seemed to love being the only one, she was still laying occasionally until a few weeks before she died too!
  3. So sorry to hear about your wife. That's so kind of you to offer the Eglu's for free, I'm sure that people will leap at the chance, if no takers on here, it could be worth contacting local schools or charities to see if they would be interested or would know of any groups that may be able to make use of them. Failing that sell them on Ebay and donate the money to charity that's close to your heart. I can't imagine life without hens, so that must have been a tough decision for you to make. I hope that you find good homes for the Eglus and wish you all the best for the future.
  4. Hello Mrs Tilytinkle! I remember you I'm also in Kent and still have my Eglu classic, got some new girls nearly 2 weeks ago. We're planning to follow our youngest Daughter to Scotland in a year or two, but will still keep chooks, we had a couple of months without any and it just didn't seem right. Good luck with everything, I hope that your move goes well .
  5. Wow! That is expensive, it was about £14 when I first got chickens 10 years ago. Looks like a bit of price fixing going on, wherever I find it cheaper, the postage brings it up to around the £32 mark, still cheaper than the vet though and you don't need a prescription, it may work out cheaper to buy feed with it already in. Could you club together with a friend and share a tub?
  6. Such sad news, I never met her but remember her from my early days on here. My thoughts are with her husband and family.
  7. My son had braces and his teeth were lovely when the braces came off and he dutifully wore his retainer, the retainer lasted about a year before falling apart, we paid £60 for a replacement and he wore that for a year and a half, he didn't want another one and five years on his teeth have moved a bit, they still look good but not perfect like they were and he's 24 now.
  8. I'd never heard of fermenting until now! Without reading up on the subject, I think I'd worry about fermenting, especially in the summer with the potential for mould and possible bacteria to grow in it #yesIworrytoomuch In 10 years I've never had any chooks that would eat layers pellets so have always fed them layers mash, some years ago in this forum everyone was raving about Garvo feed, so I got some for my girls, they loved it so I've bought it ever since.
  9. Happy Henniversary! I got my Eglu and first lot of girls in February 2008 and always found this forum to be a great source of help and information, hadn't checked it for ages, but it's lovely to see how many familiar names are still on here! I must also admit that it's probably saved me a small fortune not knowing the latest Omlet 'Must haves' and over the years I've also made some good friends through the Omlet 'meet ups' I'm in the same situation, first time in 10 years without chickens, our last girl Dottie died a few weeks ago age 7, so hoping to get some new girlies before the month is out.
  10. Valkyrie, Zumba is a mix of lots of different dance steps, I've got a Zumba fitness DVD set and the toning sticks that you can buy in from Argos, Boots and Amazon etc. Some of the steps look complicated but they break them down into easy beats so they are easy to learn. It's a great form of exercise as once you've learned the steps and stop concentrating so hard you really enjoy it. This link will give you an idea and there are lots more on Youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C8skNPTmmSA
  11. I did my first real Zumba class last night and absolutely loved it, I think because the hall was considerably larger than my conservatory! I weighed myself this morning and have lost another 2lbs so that's 3st 4lbs in total It also took me down into the 11 stone bracket for the first time since I was pregnant with my 19 year old son
  12. Poor you Patricia I had it a few years ago, thankfully it was mild and I found that Apple cider vinegar rubbed onto the rash really helped the rash and the itching! Take it easy though, although I wasn't bad when I had the rash I was terribly tired and had after pain for quite a few months.
  13. I have excelled myself today and clocked up 20,095 steps It's my highest amount since getting my Fitbit in November.

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