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  1. Lovely, I'm glad that I had a tissue in my pocket
  2. Good to see there are a lot of us and we're all keen Lillybettybabs, my friend got into a sweat just watching David Hayes, well done for doing the whole lot, did you ache today? I did a makeover on my Brother's grave yesterday, my thighs and abs were aching about an hour after I'd finished and I've had trouble bending down today I've just walked today as I stiffen up when I sit down for any length of time, I was getting up and stepping from side to side during the adverts tonight, hubby brought me in a cup of tea and asked if I needed a wee
  3. Great news that Rosie has made a good recovery! I started a new thread to save ploughing through the old one Dogmother Good to see so many of us on board Hopefully we can keep each other motivated, as although we're all pretty keen at the moment I'm not kidding myself that the enthusiasm won't wane! I've just added Davina McCall's Ultimate target DVD to my collection for the bargain price of £5, including delivery from Tesco direct, I've only done it a couple of times but am enjoying it and feel it working Good luck with your aims everyone, I look forward to hearing how you're all getting on.
  4. Thought I'd start a new thread for this year Last year at one stage we had so many illnesses and injuries it was in danger of being renamed Omleteers unfit for 2012 But it's a New Year, new thread and new us! So lets get going
  5. I shouldn't worry Patsylabrador, there are plenty more days for you to get cracking, sometimes we do need a nice snuggle in a cosy bed Should we start a new thread for 2013? I gained 2lbs over Christmas and New year But I'm back on track now, didn't manage to get to 3 stone total weight loss but hoping to hit that target this month. I'm back to the exercise and have started doing the Davina ultimate workout in addition to my other dvd workouts, I like to vary them otherwise I get bored
  6. Wonderful! I heard about it on the radio yesterday, the Dutch are very forward thinking and often years ahead of other nations when it comes to health and wellbeing. I saw a programme a couple of years ago called the young ones where a group of doddery old celebrities were put in a retro 1970's household which took them back to when they were at their peak, the way they rallied round to help each other and how their physical and mental abilities improved was amazing If only that village set the standard for all dementia care!
  7. I didn't watch it My Son in law cycles up to his work in London and home again and I worry enough already
  8. Congratulations on your new arrival Lewis, the car looks great Happy motoring!
  9. I'm still doing the Nutracheck, www.myfitnesspal.com is similar and free! But I like NC and take up membership offers when they have them, so I've probably paid less than a pound a week and I'm paid up until 2014! I figure that once I've lost the weight I'll need help keeping it off
  10. That's good I'm the opposite, I find that I can exercise indoors a minimum of 5 days a week but wouldn't make the effort if I had to leave the house, plus an hours exercise at the gym would use up at least 2 hours for me if I take into account travel and chatting time
  11. How frustrating, I hope that you get it sorted, my nails are generally good but I guarantee as soon as there is an occasion of some sort on the horizon, they break in the days leading up to it, I had to have acrylic nails put on for my ED's wedding a few years ago
  12. They have their place Dogmother, if like me you're too mean/embarrassed to join a gym Tiffany Rothe on Youtube is also good and targets specific areas.
  13. Get the dvd set and do Zumba indoors! Also there are loads of workouts of every imaginable type on Youtube if you like variety
  14. Just remembered this thread How are you all? Am I the only one still trying? I've lost 2st 9lbs now and I'm exercising most days doing dvd workouts in the conservatory. I hope that everyone's injuries have healed or greatly improved
  15. I've kept chooks for 4 years and I love them and until a short while ago I couldn't imagine not having any but, I have to admit that I'm not sure I'll get more girlies when my current ones go, which I hope won't be for a long time! But circumstances do change. I used to see them as pets and the eggs were a bonus, but I don't work now so money is an issue, my DH & DS can't eat eggs and I only eat the yolks so I give most of the eggs away Also I now have a Grandson and another grandchild on the way, and I like to let the girls free range the whole garden but trying to keep my Grandson away from the poop was like mission impossible, no matter how much we poo picked he would always manage to find more! My girls are real characters, and have always kept us amused, they terrorize the cats and any wild bird that dares to land in our garden, Fifi has a habit of mugging people for their food which is hilarious and she's partial to a cup of tea But lately since Skye has been moulting Dottie and Fifi really turned on her and were ripping out the feathers that didn't fall out and poor Skye was too scared to come out of the Eglu to eat or drink. I resorted to putting bumper bits on them which has sorted out the problem, but the bullying really upset me and stressed me out, and since losing both of my parents in a short space of time I don't deal well with stress, so I may not replace them, although I don't know if I'll just have a break for a few years whilst the Grandchildren are young or whether it will be permanent. I shall always be grateful to Omlet though, as this site is fab and has helped me all the way with my girls and I've been to a couple of meets and made some great friends
  16. I wash the slabs down and let them dry as much as possible before I put the Stalosan down, then I put the hemcore down on top of it, to be honest the worst side effect I've noticed is my girlies having pink legs
  17. I love it It reminds me of my parents, they adored each other and Dad used to go out of his way to make her happy and was always buying her little presents!
  18. I've had to put bumper bits on two of mine as they were picking on poor little Skye who's moulting, they were that bad that she wouldn't even come out of the Eglu for food I'm pleased to say that all is well now.
  19. Poor Queenie Good tip about the cotton buds I've just had to put bumper bit on two of mine as they were picking on poor Skye who's moulting.
  20. I put mine up a week before Christmas and take them down on January 2nd by which time I'm usually sick of them
  21. Another vote for Northern nights here Can't beat the soft snuggly flannel in the winter & cool, silky smooth high threadcount cotton in the summer
  22. Fantastic news ANH, I'm soooo happy for you
  23. I've been lucky with charity shops and they've always been grateful for anything I take in, where I live we have a different problem, where scumbags come along early and take the bags of stuff we put out for the charity collection

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