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  1. Just seen this! Gosh how awful I hope that you get a good night's sleep and that Rosie makes a speedy recovery, sending you both (((((hugs)))))
  2. I'm ashamed to say that having spent yesterday feeling freezing cold all day, I caved in and put the heating on I have an underactive thyroid so feel the cold anyway and I think that losing 2 and a half stones worth of blubber hasn't helped. I can't believe it I've held out until December in past years
  3. Sheepskin boots and cashmere or fleece keep me nice and warm
  4. Haven't put the heating or fires on here yet, but I do take a couple of wheat bags up to warm the bed and will probably put the flannel bedding on tonight
  5. Sorry to hear that you lost Tikka, always hard to lose a girlie I use Hemcore in my run it's great stuff and tends to just soak up the poop, I put a decent layer down and replace the whole lot every 6-8 weeks, I move the Eglu and run, scrub the slabs clean and rinse them and then sprinkle Stalosan F down when they're dry, then put everything back and refill with Hemcore. I also top up the Hemcore in between big clean outs and remove any very soiled looking bits, I don't have to do it very often though
  6. So sorry to hear that I think that's everyone's biggest fear, sending you ((((HUGS))))
  7. I know that quite a few Omleteers in the Kent/South East London area use Garvo, I usually buy mine from Grain Harvesters near Canterbury which is a bit of a trek. Yesterday I realised that I needed to buy more sooner than expected so I took a drive to Dobbies Garden centre in Gillingham which isn't too far away and certainly closer than Canterbury. I expected there to be a mark up on it, but was pleasantly surprised to find that on the mash and pellets it's only about £1.50 which is probably a saving taking fuel & time into account The downside was that they didn't have any layers mash, but I got the farmyard mix instead which is similar but has pellets and shell mixed in, it looks more like the Alpha mix and when I put a bit down for the girls they gobbled it up. It was £14.99, but I'd rather pay a bit extra and get something they'll eat, as I find a cheap feed is a false economy.
  8. One of my girls was prescribed Metacam by the vet and she had the dog version, I had to put 2 drops a day onto a little piece of bread for her.
  9. I'm sure he'll have a great time! There's so much to see and do I do feel for you My YD went out there on her own, although she had made friends through Oz intro prior to going, she phoned when she had credit & skyped us a lot, she loved it and did the farming work so that she could get a second year visa, she went out for the second year with her boyfriend, she loved every minute, had plenty of work experience, made great friends and returned home last November having got engaged out there.
  10. I hope that you enjoy it, weighing stuff is a real eye opener I never eat anything until I've put it in the diary as I have a mind like a sieve My hubby says it's fab because I've lost weight eating the food I've always eaten. I have a bit of a sweet tooth so current favourite treats are Aero biscuits at 99 cals each & M&S chocolate teacakes at 75 cals each, a nice low calorie dessert is a meringue nest with lots of fresh fruit and a blob of low fat creme fraiche! There's lots of help and advice on the forum and feel free to pm me if you have any questions
  11. It depends on how much weight you have to lose quickcluck and the rate at which you'd like to lose it I started off aiming to lose 1.5lb a week and it gave me 1588 calories a day, which I thought was a lot but I did lose weight on it I've changed my settings to lose 1lb a week now & it gives me 1637 calories a day. I'd rather lose weight at a slower rate and be able to eat more, I did change my settings to try and lose more once but on the lower amount of calories I struggled and stayed the same weight for ages. On the settings I've always had my activity levels set to light and inactive. I've not lost weight at a rapid rate but I'm chuffed to have found something that works, I developed an underactive thyroid after having my son 18 years ago and this is the first time I've managed to lose more than 10lbs
  12. I still love Nutracheck, I've lost over 25 inches since I started, have dropped 3 dress sizes and gone down 2 back sizes on bras I've only lost 5lbs since July but considering how often I eat lunch out with friends I'm still doing well They've got an offer on until Tuesday you can join for 6 months for £23.99, I'm already paid up for another year but will take up the offer as once I've got my goal weight I'll stick with NC to maintain it.
  13. Great fun, I bet Joe loved that! If Rocky had given Joe a head start I think Rocky would have lost It looks like you have a future Olympian on your hands there
  14. Congratulations That's lovely Margaret, what a thoughtful hubby you have Have a wonderful time.
  15. I'm still alive! Like many others when you are new to chicken keeping, the advice and information on here is invaluable, I still look on here most days, but don't reply as often as I used to as life changes and I don't always have time, plus I go on other forums too I became a Grandmother last year & look after my Grandson 2 days a week, I see a lot of Whoopsie and her gorgeous son so our boys are growing up together and I'm friends with Seagazer too, I love this site and have never had anything but the utmost respect for the mods who all do a great job, and make this a nice place to be Granted I'd have a bit more money if it wasn't for the Omlet 'Must haves' But I have Omleteers to thank for introducing me to lots of products and ideas I'd never have know about I still love my chickens, though sadly my original girls are no longer around and I have newer girlies and I've learned a lot on here for example I got girls who all lay different coloured eggs so I know who's slacking
  16. Perhaps if we all buy winter clothes the weather will change and we'll be unable to wear them for quite some time
  17. I'm sorry but I just can't buy Autumn/winter clothes until we've had Summer It's saving me a fortune!
  18. Sorry to hear that you've lost your girlies. After losing 2 chickens I had one left and like you wasn't in a position to get her new friends straight away, so she spent her days in the Eglu and run & came indoors and spent her nights in a puppy crate in the conservatory for over 3 months, she was absolutely fine and seemed to enjoy being on her own and even started laying again but she was a total moo to Fifi & Bella for quite a few days after they first arrived
  19. My original 3 Omlet girls layed like the clappers for the first year, we even got 90 eggs in the December But by the April the eggs were few and far between and didn't even get into double figures some months and I had to start buying eggs again, Yum Yum & Mimi died when they were 2 but Lulu lived until she was almost 4 years old. I've since had 2 lots of new girls, Bella a Bluebell died before we'd had her a year and the others are all fine although Dottie the speckeldy goes broody every year, which is something we've never had before with hybrids Sadly it does seem that the hybrids do wear themselves out quite quickly.
  20. I'm doing Nutracheck and have lost 2stones 2lbs since the end of November, I love it because nothing is forbidden and I can work whatever treats I want into my daily calorie allowance, it's so easy keeping tabs on what I eat and I'm really pleased with my progress, I developed an underactive thyroid after my son was born 18 years ago and this is the only thing that I've managed to lose more than a few pounds with. You can do a free 5 day trial to give it a go, if you want to continue then you have to pay but it's much cheaper than WW & SW, I always take up membership offers when they have them so I'm paid up until next summer The amount I've paid averages out to about £4 per Month! I've made great friends on the site and the support from the staff and other users is amazing It has some good features like a recipe planner, I can type in my recipes and it works out the calories for me and if I'm horrified by the amount of calories per serving I can then tweak the recipe to make it more acceptable, it also has an iphone and android app to use so you can still keep track whilst out and about. I found it by chance while looking for a calorie guide and I'm so glad that I did, I reckon that I'm saving almost £16 per month by using Nutracheck instead of going to WW or SW, the downside is that I've had to get rid of about 3/4 of my wardrobe as my clothes keep getting too big, but I'm looking and feeling better and am really happy
  21. Ooh Patsylabrador, I might have to check that out So sorry to hear that Dogmother, sounds horrifically painful not to mention frustrating for you I wish you as speedy a full recovery as possible
  22. Bit of a fraud here, having had my hair permed for the first time in 20 years Obviously being older, my hair is different and it's been a bit frizzy and not as shiny as it used to be, so thank you for recommending the Organix range in Boots, I got the shampoo, conditioner and serum on 3 for 2 and my hair looks fab, it's soft, shiny and the curls look really natural now
  23. I've always managed to track down parts on Ebay that I couldn't find elsewhere. Good luck!
  24. Such a shock to wake up to this, how very sad, RIP Poet, her poor family are in my thoughts & prayers.
  25. The Margaret Dabbs footfile is expensive but I got the whole set for not much more than the cost of the file when it was a Today's special value on QVC So what you've got is basically a Black and Decker sander for feet Mind you it probably does the job in a fraction of the time it takes with a file, which I must confess makes my back ache sometimes

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