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  1. I had a microplane one which I think is similar, good idea using it outside, it used to look like it had snowed after I'd used it I found it good to start with but then found I was having to use it more and more often. My current favourite is a Margaret Dabbs set that I got from QVC which has a foot scrub, foot soak sandpaper type metal file and an amazing citrus smelling moisturising oil, which is brilliant.
  2. I was really pleased to hear that news at long last, they've been through a truly horrific ordeal and I hope that they are able to find some form of peace and happiness.
  3. So sorry to hear about your Dad, I know how close you were, sending you love, ((((hugs)))) and strength to get through the days ahead.
  4. So sorry to hear that, no wonder you are feeling sad, thinking of you all & sending ((((HUGS))))
  5. Our Dottie went broody last year decided to let it run it's course, but after 2 months started dunking her in a bucket of water to no avail and after 3 months resorted to the puppy crate & she snapped out of broodiness in about 48 hours. She's just gone broody again I think I'll dig out the puppy crate tomorrow, I find it really worrying when she's hardly eating or drinking.
  6. Well done Cinnamon That's a fab achievement! I've struggled to lose weight for nearly 18 years after developing an underactive thyroid, I discovered www.nutracheck.co.uk by accident, signed up for a free 5 day trial and paid to join up properly after 3 days, I've lost 2 stone so far eating what I've always eaten but a bit less of it, the support on there is fab and it's pretty popular with men too, a lot of them have fantastic weight losses They often do membership offers for 3 or 6 months, but even at the full price of £36.99 for 6 months it's still good value,when I think what I used to spend at WW & SW and got nowhere.
  7. Yay! At long last I've hit the 2 stone mark Ermmm lost 2 stones, I weigh considerably more than that
  8. Went to a radio recording, it was David Sedaris, I love him he's hilarious and a nice guy too! Salad for lunch? We'll see
  9. Another vote for Sonicare here, Argos have a few on offer at the moment
  10. Well done Seagazer! I've been doing my Walking & Zumba dvd's and clocked up nearly 15,000 steps on Saturday as I broke the habit of a lifetime & went to London
  11. Another vote for Atlas, they were a lot cheaper than other companies and not as strict on health conditions, I liked the way you could pay a bit extra upfront to waive the excess fee should you need to claim I can't say anymore though as we never needed to claim.
  12. Our first one lasted nearly 10 years and was really good so we bought the new version of it, new one isn't a patch on the 1st, it broke down after 3 years and cost a lot to repair, it was under warranty but I wasn't prepared to wait over 2 weeks for them to send someone round for initial appointment, despite using the superduper tabs but still adding rinse aid & salt and cleaning it monthly,it's rubbish and we rarely get a wash where half a dozen things don't have to be washed again Incase you want to avoid it, it's a Hotpoint slimline.
  13. She's beautiful, a real sweetie and I'm very envious of that hair, she's got more than my 15 month old grandson!
  14. I'm still doing my workout dvd's at least 3 times a week, I'm finding that I keep feeling hungry when I'm cold, which is quite a lot lately Have managed to lose a couple of pounds though so if I can lose 2 more that'll be 2 stones gone
  15. What a cutie Baby giggles are soooo infectious!
  16. Well done for comitting to that Taj That'll keep you on the straight and narrow, Good luck I've been alternating between Zumba & Leslie Sansone dvd workouts & but seem to keep gaining and losing the same pesky 1lb at the moment I suppose after my long weekend in Bournemouth I should consider myself lucky
  17. That sounds good, shall we arrange a date & venue, I've met up with Seagazer & Whoopsie at Ruxley Garden centre in the past
  18. Thanks for that info Wiggle39, it's always good to have a choice, I don't mind going to Wingham if I'm going that way anyway to visit friends or family, but I wouldn't go all that way purely to get feed. I live in Blackfen so only a few minutes from Dartford Heath anyway, so a trip over the water would be combined with a Costco/Ikea visit I would have gone to Dobbies in Gillingham so it's not too far.
  19. Having said I was loathe to try something else I realised that I needed Hemcore too so went to Frogpool Manor and grabbed a bag of Fancy feeds layers mash I did phone Dobbies but the girl I spoke to wasn't very helpful so I didn't go there just incase I had a wasted journey. I suppose that a £2 mark up isn't too bad if it saves 50 odd miles of driving and the time involved. NannyOgg, Margaret & Mummyhen I should be going to Wingham on 21st May, so pm me if you'd like me to get you some & let me know whether it's mash or pellets & how many you'd like
  20. I haven't used that feed on my current girls and as they're doing so well on the Garvo I'm loathe to try anything else Even taking the fuel into account it's still cheaper to go and get it from Dobbies unless they have a huge mark up, I might ring & check.
  21. Thanks Margaret, likewise if you need any then feel free to contact me, although I think that your Wiggly wigglers supply will keep your girls going for a while
  22. I usually get my Garvo from Grain Harvesters in Wingham when I'm that way, but I'm not going there for a couple of weeks and supplies are low so will go to Dobbies in Gillingham and hope that they have the layers mash. I saw on the Jim Vyse website that they've stopped delivering Garvo due to high transport costs I know that a couple of you on here used to get it delivered from him, so what are you going to do now or do you know of a nearer supplier? I live in Bexley. If you need any then let me know and I'll get some for you
  23. Lovely photos and the bride looked gorgeous That dress was a real find!
  24. Thank you ANH We're in Bournemouth with friends this weekend and will have to do some serious walking as I feel like I put on half a stone at the Chinese buffet tonight Lewis that's a great achievement, well done I think that the slower it comes off the more likely it is to stay off. You don't have to exercise in public, I do dvd workouts in my conservatory, with the blinds down
  25. Fantastic news! As they say 'Everything happens for a reason'! I hope that all goes well from now on and they have a wonderful wedding day and life together

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