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  1. Poor you, I hope you feel better soon!
  2. Didn't do any real exercise at the weekend, but I'd like to think that a couple of hours spent moving the sofas & shampooing the lounge carpet counted for something! Fingers crossed I've managed to lose a couple of pounds this week & hit my stone Off to do a workout dvd now Have a good week everyone!
  3. It's never too late Purplemaniacs! Well done
  4. Sounds good, although I do have a bogof voucher for breakfast at the Beefeater
  5. I've never been there so can't recommend any, but whenever I want to go anywhere I look up Bed & Breakfasts & Hotels in the area and then look up the reviews on Tripadvisor, we've stayed at some lovely places, made some good friends and have never spent more than we wanted to Good luck with your search, I hope you find somewhere great and your trip does you the world of good
  6. I know I'll get there Seagazer, just a bit down as had a stressful time lately I hope your back's better soon, I know you probably don't want to but.......... use an ice pack on it Although heat feels soothing it can actually increase any inflammation
  7. I haven't a clue Although I suspect changing the door may be easier, have you tried looking up how to do both online or is there a car forum for your make/model of car? They are usually a great source of help and advice
  8. Did the Leslie Sansone walking dvd a couple of times last week, and have just done 40 mins Zumba, dreading weigh in tomorrow as have IBS flare up at the mo, and I'm so bloated all over I can't even get my rings off & they were rattling last week I've not been bad foodwise & have stayed within my allowance, but feel fed up as if I manage to lose 2lb this week I'd have hit my first stone & it doesn't look like it's going to happen!
  9. If anyone's interested here's the Richard Shops jingle, but not the advert Now jingles that could be a whole new thread
  10. I don't know if some of these shops were nationwide or just regional Vogue interiors Richard Shops Martin Ford Allders Presto International Timothy Whites (part of Boots) Rumbelows I'm probably just showing my age
  11. In my opinion that's what credit cards are for! Though I have to admit that my DH would agree with you.
  12. Well done to all of you keeping up with the exercise I've got another cold, my second in a month so I'm resting to lets the Echinacea & vitamins kill it I am sticking to my calorie allowance though so fingers crossed I'll have lost a bit more when I weigh in tomorrow.
  13. I saw a bit of last night's show & my first though was that trading standards should be informed I'm not a lover of BB & think it had run it's course after the series 3! I must admit that Natalie Cassidy was good in the bit I saw but I don't think that I can bear to watch it. We always call it nonentity big brother, but this one's a record for how few people I recognise
  14. Poor you and your chooks no wonder you're fed up, no damage to my property, but neighbouring roads due to have their bins emptied looked like a war zone, wheelie bins, recycling boxes & contents strewn everywhere. Up at the local highstreet the hoardings surrounding a building site were badly damaged, well those that remained were We had terrible rain though as if someone was directing a hosepipe at the windows. I saw a lovely quote today 'Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass, it's about learning to dance in the rain' I thought it quite apt in view of the weather and then got the giggles thinking that if I took it literally it would probably confirm what my neighbours have long suspected I hope things improve rapidly for you
  15. Sqiffs, I find that taking Omega 3 capsules helps with the dry skin As the weather was so awful today I did a Leslie Sansone 3 mile super walk DVD in my conservatory. Didn't do Zumba because I couldn't be bothered to get changed How's everyone getting on?
  16. Count me in too I joined an online calorie counting club called Nutracheck at the end of November and managed to lose 8lbs before Christmas, which is fantastic for me as I have an underactive thyroid & struggle to lose weight, I also bought the Zumba dvd workout set which I do in the conservatory with the blinds down when everyone's at work So good luck to you all and here's to a fit and fabulous 2012 for us all!
  17. I've used Groupon twice, once for a nights dinner, bed & breakfast at the Cumberland Hotel in Bournemouth which was good value & we also got Bucks Fizz on arrival, a discount voucher for spa treatments and had a lovely time. The second was for a BBQ meat pack from a good Kent butchers , they had been inundated with orders so I couldn't actually get the pack when I wanted it, but I may have been partly to blame as I did try to order it on the Monday hoping to collect on the Friday, there was nothing to say that I needed to give them a certain amount of notice so that was my only gripe, they did offer me a refund but I chose to get it at a later date, as it was too good value to miss and I was glad that I did as we had about 10 meals out of it
  18. She's always worked in London when in the UK and has just returned from a second year of travelling, so she is pretty street smart, she wears her bag in front of her and usually has her hand over it, but she thinks it happened whilst she was fiddling with her mp3 player. I know it's a common thing abroad but a male friend of mine had it happen to him in London, they slashed the bottom of his bag and got everything except for his wallet, which being a shrewd Yorkshire man he'd attached to the inside of his bag with string
  19. If any of you travel in London please keep your bags and possessions close to you, my YD got a new leather cross body handbag for work and noticed that is has been slashed across the top, possibly with a stanley knife, thankfully it didn't go right through the leather but it doesn't look nice and she'd only had the bag for a week She then did a bit of research online and found that bag slashing is on the increase along with cutting the straps on bags to steal them, yesterday I had an email from my local police saying that theft is increasing on all public transport & not just in London. So if using public transport please keep your wits about you, I suppose we should think ourselves lucky that only YD's bag got slashed
  20. I have tried it, I managed to knock a cup of green tea all over my beige lounge carpet I was impressed with it's performance, I used it so suck up the spillage first & then shampooed the carpet it removed the all the tea completely, I do have an upright carpet shampooer which I'll use for cleaning the whole room but this is good for spot cleaning although it is a bit bigger than I expected, it will also come in handy for the stairs, upholstery and the car. I do a lot of spot cleaning, we only have one carpet downstairs but the cats always make a beeline for it when the want to be sick Thanks for letting me know about it I'm very pleased with it
  21. I tell them that I don't have a computer & they just hang up!
  22. I quite like the programme, I've recorded the current series but haven't had time to watch it It is a bit like come dine with me and the people usually end up serving a bit of food depending on the time of day, they all go round each others houses and score them according to what they like & dislike about the house & the one with the highest score wins. They often put extremes in one programme, like an ultra modern minimalist place, a cluttered place full of antiques, an eco energy efficient place & an immaculate show home. It's on ITV now! or ITV +1 at 3pm. In the past the people taking part have generally been pretty nice, you must have quite an eyecatching home for them to knock at the door. If you feel comfortable with it then go for it, but if you don't want strangers traipsing round your home then say no, you could always record it and watch it to see what you think

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