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  1. I have two chickens who have a patch of what looks like greasy fluffy feathers. Its own their backs, starting at the tail and about a third up their backs. I have a had look and can not see any mites or lice. I have looked in my books and i can not see anything like this. They are well, laying eggs and up to all sorts of mischief! Does anyone have any ideas of what this could be, i would be very grateful for any advice. Thankyou
  2. Hi Busybird, Wow, we are so impressed- its amazing that you managed to put it together on your own. Did you have need to use the instructions we gave you or did you remember from when you took it to pieces! Are garden look more spacious now and i think the girls now enjoy dive bombing without the cube in the way. So glad we could help, it was obviously meant to be for all of us! Enjoy, hope Noodle and her new friend settle in well. Best wishes Dharma chick
  3. Hi, After just paying £9.13 each for some pecka blocks(price include vat and postage), of which two were broken so had to be sent back to supplier who was not very happy. I was wondering........... has anyone made any themselves? If so would it be possible to tell me what one would put into them, especially what to hold them together and how long you would cook them for etc. I would be very grateful for your help, as the girls were very grumpy when i told them that the blocks had to go back (well at that price) and the supplier would not send new ones until broken ones returned. I also thought that it would be a great birthday present for my two remaining ex-battery girls who will be celebrating two years of freedom on march 11th. Thanks again for your help
  4. Hi, I have three hybrid chickens and one of them has a history of pecking the others. About six months ago she severly attacked one who ended up having surgery. We seperated them and after all wounds had healed we gradually intergrated them. However during the snowy weather she started to peck both of them again. Once again we have had to seperate them. When she is free ranging she is fine but she does seem to have got into a habit pecking the others. She is a lovely chicken and i don't really want to rehome her, however it does not seem fair for her to be separate for long periods. So....... i was wondering about puting a 'bumper bit' on her for a while hoping that the habit could be broken. However i do not know how they work or where you can obtain them. Thankyou for your help. Dharma chick
  5. Sadly Norbu my ex-bat girl passed away peacefuly in my arms this afternoon. She has been slowly going down hill since christmas. We have been nursing her in the house at night and letting her outside with her sisters for short periods in the day. Yesterday she went off her legs so we have kept her in and given her lost of cuddles. She just loved sitting and snuggling into me. It is so qiuiet without her, Norbu would always let us know if she was not happy. She was such a character and she will be sadly missed. I am in awe of Norbu's courage, she was in very poor condition when we recieved her from the BHWT - she has had 22 months of freedom and got into lots of mischief!!! She will be missed by many.
  6. Thanks everyone for your help. I liked the idea of a 'toddler' step- it really made me smile
  7. Hi everyone, I am thinking of getting some bantams, i know this may seem a silly question - because they are smaller are they able to eat out of grubs or are they two big for them. thanks for all your help Dharma chick awaiting new arrivals
  8. i have had my cube for a year. It was put together by the omlet man and it has leaked on and off for most of that time. We complained and another omlet man came, apparently the top had not been put on properely. So he redid that and gave us a new egg port door and for a while it was ok. However recently the egg coop space has become sodden and one of the girls is becoming quite sore Im really frustrated, you pay alot of money and i do expect a dry home for my girls. I have been pondering of what to do next, the 2nd omlet guy it didn't know what else could be done if what he had done didn't work. Perhaps i will ring the omlet folks again! Sorry for my rant Dharma chick
  9. In the nesting part. It gets very saturated and one of the girls always has a red, sore chest (she lays OK eggs just in case you were wondering about soft shells which we occasionally have) Wetness is everyday.
  10. Hi everyone. We have a cube that desopite the nice Omlet man coing and changing lots of things is still wet in the morning - not sure if this may be sweat? So we have decided to go with a wooden hen house for the new babies. Does anyone have any pointers for us with regards to good makes of hen houses? Greatful for any thoughts. Dharma Chic
  11. Hi ChrisP, I am not sure whether this will help you however....... We adopted eight ex-batts in March. A couple of weeks later a few of the girls combs went just like how you have explained. They were well in themselves eating, drinking etc . As i have never kept chickens before i took Norbu (the worst one) to the vets. He gave her a thorough but could not find anything wrong with her. Not sure whether it was because they came out of the battery into the cold air. Their combs stayed like that for the winter with no ill effects. It went in the summer however it seems to be coming back to the same few girls. So i'm not sure what it is but the girls seem ok. I do think that it might be something to be with colder weather-i am thinking that i may put some vaseline on and see what happens!! Hope this might help.
  12. Glad that Matilda got on ok with the vet I rescued eight ex-bats in march. They were in very poor condition when we got them and sadly we lost Blossom after five weeks - however she did have a lovely although very short life with us. Myrtle has been very poorly ever since we had her and for the first six weeks she was always up the vet so we made the descion to let her have sleepovers with us in the evening and she returns to the flook first thing. A couple of the others have been ill and my nursing skills have come in very useful! It has been very hard at times, however i don't regret having them and i have fallen in love with their courage and will to survive My sense is that these are special chickens and some of them need lots of love and care. I also use homeopathy with the girls which seem to work well. I must admit i do spoil them every morning they have a porridge of layers mash and warm water to set them up for the day and before they go bed. Carry on with the good work. I know its hard at times but i can never forgot the first time that they lay in the sun or eat their first worm -its awe inspiring
  13. Hi Little Jerry Can't think that you posted your question 8.51? Its only 8.20 now? Auboise is a bedding made from hemp stalks. It is quite sturdy stuff and keeps the pen nice and dry especially if you use Stalasan (I think that is the right spelling ) which is a natural powder like substance and has a nice smell (not as great smelling as red mite powder - to which I am addicted ). I put this on the floor of the pen outside of the eggcube (but the pen is covered from the elements) - it saves it getting like a mud pit and the girls love dirt bathing and nesting in it. No good for an open air pen.
  14. Hi, My cube is leaking too!!!! Must admit i am a bit frustrated as before i brought it apparently there had been a few problems but had been assured by omlet it had been sorted. H0wever my cube is leaking in both the egg port and one of the trays. i have been on to omlet and they sent a new egg port door -but its still leaking! After another call to omlet today we have now been asked to supply some photos of where we think its leaking from or just some photos of the cube-so watch this space. The girls were getting a bit sore even though we keep drying the cube. So today we have gone to millets to get a camping draw sheet to see if we can make some shelter over the cube,um!!!!! Its so annoying when you have spent so much money for what you think is the best. Sorry for my rant.
  15. Hi everyone, If you use auboise in the nesting box, what do you use to stop it going down the 'hole' . We have been using straw which works well but the girls have got scaley leg mites which we think they may have got from the bedding. thanks

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