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  1. My 4 year old will be very disappointed. Very interesting though, thank you.
  2. Oh really- in what way? So we shouldn’t expect eggs, this side of Christmas then? 😢
  3. Our three hybrids are 16 weeks old and we have just started mixing layers pellets and mixed grit in with their growers pellets. We are expecting them to be of laying age at 18-20 weeks, but with the days shortening, will we still get eggs from them? Do they still lay over late autumn/winter? Or do they need a certain number of daylight hours (did I read this somewhere? 🤷🏻‍♀️)?
  4. So could I cover it up all night?? Or is that cruel to leave it covered up till morning?
  5. One of my (almost) hens - they are 16-17 weeks old has a dirty line all down the middle of her chest, to in between her legs. I’m fairly sure it wasn’t there on Thursday (husband let them out and fed them etc yesterday and didn’t notice anything 🙄). It looks like dirt and small pieces of bark, stuck in her feathers in a long line. Any advice on why this has happened? Also how do I help her? Thanks 😊
  6. Any reason why my three girls (about 14-15 weeks) don’t leave the bedding in the nest box of our Eglu go up? I fill it up in the mornings and sometimes again in the afternoon, and then it’s gone again by morning. Is this something they all do? I feel like it’s such a waste of bedding (and money!).
  7. She seems normal, other than the tail.
  8. My chickens are nearly 12 weeks old and I have just noticed that one of them is pointing her tail downwards. Is she ok?
  9. Do I need to teach them to go into the dust bath and bathe in it, or will they just know??
  10. My chicks are now 10 weeks old and I would like to let them free range, but don’t want them flying away! At what age can I clip their wings? Is it best to wait?
  11. The girls are now in their Eglu Go Up, permanently, but we have yet to provide them with a dust bath, mainly because I have no idea a) what container to put it in b) what goes in it & c) where to position it in the run. Also, does it need to be completely sheltered from the elements? I’d love to see your set up re dust baths and some info/tips about them. Thanks 🐥
  12. So we have put the Eglu Go Up together, filled the run with hardwood chips, and it’s all ready for the chicks. They’re almost 7 weeks old. Is that too young to go outside? Do they need to stay in one section for a period of time before they have free run of the place?
  13. So, we are planning to put the run on a paved area and use woodchips on the floor. How many litres will we need for a 3m run? Is there a depth that it needs to be? Also, wondering how often this will need to be changed?

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