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  1. So we have put the Eglu Go Up together, filled the run with hardwood chips, and it’s all ready for the chicks. They’re almost 7 weeks old. Is that too young to go outside? Do they need to stay in one section for a period of time before they have free run of the place?
  2. So, we are planning to put the run on a paved area and use woodchips on the floor. How many litres will we need for a 3m run? Is there a depth that it needs to be? Also, wondering how often this will need to be changed?
  3. At what point should I introduce grit into my girls’ diet? They’re almost 5 weeks old and are currently still on chick crumb.
  4. I’ve recently moved my chicks to a bigger cage as they were growing out of their original brooder box. Because of this, I had to change drinker, to the one in the pic. However, it keeps filling up with wood chips and poo! Are there any tips for help with this kind of problem or perhaps a better drinker I could use for the next few weeks indoors? Also, their little dish of food is being knocked over on a daily basis, now that they are a little more boisterous. Any ideas for a better feeder? Thanks 🐥
  5. They’re Blacktails. I’ve never kept chick before , so I don’t know much about when their ‘flying’ feathers come through. Am I to assume that she is just a little younger then the other two and there’s nothing to worry about?
  6. My girls are 3 weeks old. Two of them have wings that reach their bottoms, but one has much shorter wings. Any ideas why? Is this ok?
  7. I have three chicks (still in a brooder box) . I have ordered an Eglu go up 3m. What else do I need?
  8. Hi all, We have recently acquired three chicks from school and would like some advice, please. They are currently in a brooder box, as they’re only two weeks old, but what would you suggest they move into at 6 weeks? We are planning on buying an Eglu go up, but it says that they shouldn’t go in them until 12 weeks. They will be too big for their current home by then, so what do people suggest for an interim home between 6-12 weeks? Thanks

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