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  1. I just expected them to lay for more than 6 months. Maybe she’s just having a break. 🤷🏻‍♀️
  2. They’re a hybrid and are 1 year old, next month. Do they just have periods where the don’t lay?
  3. We have three hens, who have all been laying one a day till March when one of them stopped and since then, only lays occasionally. She doesn’t have an egg stuck and she seems very happy otherwise, just not laying regularly. Any ideas?
  4. It’s April! But still no information on Defra. Surely it can’t be much longer!?
  5. Does anyone know when this might be?! Desperate to let the girls out again!
  6. Boo! We only got brave enough to let them free range last week! They’ll be gutted to have to stay in the run now!
  7. Ok, thanks for the info. How long will this last? Is this something that happens every year?
  8. I’m new to all this. Does this mean anything for me and my three hens? Should we not let them free range?
  9. My chickens have just started to lay and I have found out that I am pregnant. Am I allowed to eat my own chickens’ eggs runny, even though they aren’t lion stamped?
  10. My 4 year old will be very disappointed. Very interesting though, thank you.
  11. Oh really- in what way? So we shouldn’t expect eggs, this side of Christmas then? 😢
  12. Our three hybrids are 16 weeks old and we have just started mixing layers pellets and mixed grit in with their growers pellets. We are expecting them to be of laying age at 18-20 weeks, but with the days shortening, will we still get eggs from them? Do they still lay over late autumn/winter? Or do they need a certain number of daylight hours (did I read this somewhere? 🤷🏻‍♀️)?
  13. So could I cover it up all night?? Or is that cruel to leave it covered up till morning?
  14. One of my (almost) hens - they are 16-17 weeks old has a dirty line all down the middle of her chest, to in between her legs. I’m fairly sure it wasn’t there on Thursday (husband let them out and fed them etc yesterday and didn’t notice anything 🙄). It looks like dirt and small pieces of bark, stuck in her feathers in a long line. Any advice on why this has happened? Also how do I help her? Thanks 😊

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