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  1. A local farmer recently lost his lease and had to rehome his animals, I took on some of his chickens, including 2 silkies - they are not exactly the same as the one pictured (sorry, I need to get some photos) but are very very lovely - definitely look and feel more furry than feathery! Both terribly broody at the moment though!
  2. I don't think so - none of our flock have been prone to egg eating - she laid again today, so just one of those mysteries!
  3. One of my ex-batts was 5 and a half when sadly she was killed by a fox in our only ever fox attack - actually she survived the attack but had to be PTS as her injuries were not survivable. Even the vet was distraught that a bird who had overcome her hard start to life had died in such a way - she was laying right up to the end - goodness knows what age she would have been had she survived!
  4. I too had come to the conclusion it was senililty setting in... BUT...today after 2 years of not laying, she layed a lovely big brown egg!!!
  5. Our 5 year old Copper Maran has not laid for well over a year and we do not expect her to do so again, however recently she has started making "laying" noises, even when wandering around the garden. This is driving our other chickens and our turkeys mad, leading them to shout at her, so you can imagine it gets a bit noisy - she is driving us all nuts! A small robin even stopped by to have a look at her! Has anyone else had an older chicken who has done anything similar?
  6. My Marans (one Copper and one Cuckoo) both laid paler, smaller eggs at first which got bigger and darker over time. Whenever they took a break from laying they then laid lighter eggs again when coming back into lay, again darkening over time.
  7. Bye Bye Bye Delilah - age 4 1/2 - White Splash Maran - went peacefully when at play.
  8. fantastic news - she was a real sweetie and it is great to hear of a happy ending
  9. I spotted this on the Scottish SPCA website: The Scottish SPCA is seeking the owner of a bantam hen found roaming in a garden in Leven, Fife. If you think the bird might be yours then call the SSPCA Animal Helpline on 03000 999 999. www.scottishspca.org has a photo of the wee hen - worth taking a look if you have lost one recently.
  10. One would think it would put her off, but had already tried putting various smelling things, including menthol on - made no difference to her (and as she likes to chew anything we had to put it all over!) - but at least we had clear noses . To be honest now she has reached the grand old age of 2 chewing things she shouldn't seems much less of a problem, but as it still happens occasionally, and apparently randomly, I will stick to cheap old couches for now!
  11. Just to update - Stagbars have gone down a treat - got one for each dog, but Zuri the young dane refuses to let Smeagle the Beagle have any - mind you it is working a treat for Zuri's chewing ....perhaps one day we can get a decent couch again!
  12. RIP to Picacharole the Faverolle and Agatha the ex-batt who were killed by a fox on Friday. Picacharole was only young and her sister Flavia misses her terribly. Agatha was the last of our ex-batts and had made it to the grand old age of 5 1/2 - she fought valiently but had to be PTS 10 hours after the attack as it transpired she had punctured lungs. So fortunate to have spent her last day with her and that her final hours were peaceful (the wonders of rescue remedy).
  13. Thank you. Glad to hear your girl made it. I think if Agatha had not been such an old bird she might not have had such life threatening wounds, as the poor old girl had not much fat on her bones. We could have had it a lot worse if my OH had not run out and chased the fox out of the run. There has been so much upheaval to fox habitat since the building of the rail-line from Airdrie to Edinburgh and continual building of new housing estates close to the rail line all the way from Glasgow to Edinburgh, I think it is driving more and more foxes to areas they previosly did not go. We even had some deer trapped in the park beside us the other week as they could not follow their usual route due to the erection of a large fence.
  14. Sadly Agatha did not make it - 10 hours after the attack, when she actually seemed to be getting stronger, lots of her feathers fell out and revealed a number of previously concealed wounds. A quick dash to the vet revealed both her lungs had multiple punctures and the vet was baffled that she was still alive. She had to be PTS, but was tranquil - we were all very sad, as was the vet, that an ex-batt who had made it to that age should have her life end in that way.
  15. That is good news that Gibbs have what you want - they get a good reputation. I had not heard of a Snowdrop but have googled it and it looks lovely. By the way - beware chicken keeping - it is addictive!
  16. In our 4 years of chickenkeeping we have never had a fox attack until this morning. Due to lots of sightings we have had of foxes (we are on the countryside edge of a town) we have never felt we could truelly let our birds freerange so have built a huge walk in run area in one side of the garden (about 28meters squared) where our chickens and turkeys can roam safely. It was also to stop our cats or dogs getting into them. This morning at just after 7am a young female fox managed to get into the smallest gap imaginable and into the run - we have a "skirt" round the run but one of the fasteners had come off (probably storm damage) and whilst neither us or our animals had notice, the fox had. The hens and my turkey pair put up such a racket that my partner ran out to see what was going on and spotted the fox in the run. I had looked into the run at about 7am and all was well and no sight of the fox then - but a couple of minutes later we had carnage - it happened that fast. Sadly we lost one of our Faverolles and thought we had lost the last remaining ex-batt we have (who is 5 years 5 months old!). We notice the ex-batt (Agatha)'s eyes flutter and thought we would have to dispatch her - something we have never had to do and it seemed such a terrible end for an ex-batt who has lived to such a good age. When I went to get her though she jumped up shakily and let me pick her up. I have taken the day off work and have been nursing her with Rescue Remedy, Arnica, and Grapefruit Seed Oil. She is clearly very shaken but is still fighting so she may well pull through - I do hope so. The rest of my folk are distraught. The turkeys are very distressed as usually they spot a fox from a distance and shout at it and scare it off, but it was so early in the morning and they, and us, were caught off-guard. Had my partner not reacted so quickly we would have lost them all. Needless to say the day has been spent checking every millimeter of the run and making secure even the tiniest of holes, but we are now completely paranoid. It was a horrible start to the day and so awful for my children having to go out to school after this had happened. Fingers crossed for Agatha the Red.
  17. Dobbies at Sandyholme near Carluke (details via google) apparently sell the breeds you are looking for. Not sure about the quality of the birds though - wherever you go make sure you have a right good look at them and don't take anything you think looks dodgy - you don't want to end up with diseased birds. I have got hens (though not the breeds you are looking for) from a chap who is on the Practical Poultry site (you can join for free) named Kittoch - he is near southside of Glasgow and is a great guy - not sure if or what he is selling just now - perhaps you could message him via that site (though there is not guarantee when he would see your message). I will also PM you re someone to avoid.
  18. Thanks everyone. You have made me feel I am not alone and given me a good laugh along the way . From watching the offender it seems that chewing is not actually the problem - what seems to happen is she starts a digging motion which leads to the fabric being ripped and it is only when the foam innards of the couch is exposed that she starts to munch!
  19. Help - my Great Dane Zuri who is 18 months old has eaten my couch! She had ripped the fabric by accident the other day but having done so has then proceeded to demolish the rest of it and try to eat all the foam innards. She is due to be neutered at the end of November and I am hoping this will calm her down but am not convinced. She is a very calm girl 80% of the time but can be quite bonkers the rest of the time (she is still young). So I find myself needing to buy a new couch but loathe to spend much for fear she will do it again as we have no idea what set herself off on this occasion. Any suggestions/advice would be welcome.
  20. RIP Tallulah, our beloved pet lavender pekin bantam. Cause of death a mystery (age only 3) as seemed happy and well the night before. Fell asleep and forgot to wake. Looked at peace. You will be greatly missed by human and feathered friends alike - the littlest in the coop, but you held the biggest place in everyone's heart.
  21. I used the bags my chicken feed is delivered in (same sort of material as the blue Ikea bags I reckon) for planting last year - some veg; herbs; potatoes; strawberries - seemed to work fine - I just rolled them down till they were right length for what ever I was planting.
  22. Oh let your poor husband get a Dane, they are gorgeous. My teenage daughter has been obsessed with them since she saw one as a baby, how she knew to shout "dog" I don't know as must have seemed like a horse to her then! I love them too and we are now in a position to get one in near future, so just a case of finding the right one close enough. The rescue Dane you mentioned is probably the same one I saw at rescue a while back, but we were not in position to take on at that point - a beauty.
  23. Thanks. I am just trying trying for some info at present as we are hoping to get a great dane pup at some point in near future but do not have transport and someone had suggested courier. I would intent to visit the breeder but had wondered about feasibility of the pup being couriered, I would certainly never arrange to just get the pup by courier without seeing the pup and letting the breeder meet me - that does indeed sound well dodgy and good on that breeder for not going for it! But, I unless someone knows of a really reputable (and reasonably priced) animal courier, I would be too scared to go down that route in case I had paid the breeder and then the courier did a runner with my 4 legged pride and joy. Mmmm - hope I can find a suitable dane at the right time closer to home (near Glasgow). Good to know about the horses though, trying to stall her for a few years, but think my 13 year old daughter has equine plans for the future!

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