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  1. Have any of you used an animal courier service and how did you find it? Also an idea of cost would be good.
  2. I have had a robin and a wren squeeze into the guinlu run and walk boldly into their house to snaffle food
  3. If anyone is able to help please contact those directly involved using the links in top of this topic - thanks
  4. I received the following message from Sighthounds Online: as you probably know, Tailends rescue down in Devon is a godsend for elderly and terminally ill dogs, and we have had cause to thank them time and again for stepping in to give an elderly and frail dog a final place to know what love truly is. They are angels. If you aren't familiar with their work, please do look here http://www.tailends.co.uk/ Tailends is a home based rescue, and Angela and George spend all their time looking after the dogs. Now they are in urgent need of help themselves, so please, if you are able, give them a hand? We are very sad to say that Angela is very ill, and George needs help walking the dogs on an ongoing basis. Angela is worrying too because she is concerned for the future of Tailends, and of course George, and the dogs. She really could do without the added stress of this worry, so anything you can do to help would be much appreciated. Please, if you can help, email Going to the dogs (Wendy) as this email address, wr.jordan@ntlworld.com marking your mail as "Tailends Volunteers" Thank you very much. The SOL admin team. I am up in Scotland and so too far away to help but hope someone on here can help or know someone else who can.
  5. Don't clear any snow that has fallen on the house of the ginlu as this supplies extra insulation by turning it into a real Igloo!
  6. Thanks for your suggestions everyone! I would say I found the 1st 3 months hardest and can't imagine doing it whilst expending the energy of breastfeeding. After that I would say my energy levels rose and have continued to have the energy levels I had years ago, which is a big incentive to carry on. I also take Nelson's Candida tablets daily and if feeling run down I take a dose of grapefruit seed oil (or as the kids call it "chicken medicine" as we initially got it for the chooks ) and this sees off most nasties. Now instead of up to 15 sick days per year from work I have only had 3 so something definately working for me! After the first wee while I had adapted more to what I could eat - substituting rice or potatoes where I would normally have bread. In addition, food labelling is much better now and helps (it meant shopping took ages at first whilst I read all the labels). I have also honed my baking skills to be able to adapt recipes to suit (often timing/consistency is hard to judge for gluten-free baking I find). I do get gluten free flour etc for baking and I am able to have natural yoghurt so will use that or soya milk too. Otherwise nothing specialist (there is nothing specialist to be had in the small town in West of Scotland where I stay - folk think it is weird enough being veggie). I have always eaten a lot of curries, soups, etc, so just eat them more often now. Have never found a gluten free bread I can bear the taste of and do sometimes find that I feel hungry and can't just have a sandwich, so eat a portion of chips instead!
  7. We spent yesterday being very amused at the antics of a tiny robin who had found its way into the ginlu run, before going into the house itself and helping itself to some food! It went in and out for some time flying of with food into the eaves of our house where presumably it has a nest. Unfortunately we never got a photo as we were so mesmerised we did not leave the window. The guineas were fine with it and they chirped away to each other
  8. A real challenge for you all. As a well establised vegetarian I have now had to go gluten and dairy free (also no yeast or mushrooms) for health reasons (candida) - I am like a new woman with bags more energy and eating day to day is fine, though harder if attempting to eat out. My mum is having everyone for Christmas and is at a loss as to what to make for me that feels festive - any ideas folks?
  9. I once heard a really wise saying that you can only tell the sex of a silkie when it either crows or lays an egg as they are hard to sex and late to show their true identity. I speak as one who's beloved Gloria became Dave ! He was a feisty wee soul and really adorable but we were unable to keep him so he went off to be a stud (which suited him down to the ground no doubt as part of his constant crowing was due to the wee bantam soul never quite managing to get jiggy with our larger feathered ladies ).
  10. I agree - my chickens and turkeys love it, but I could not afford to use it as their regular feed - will get it for them as a treat though - if money was not an issue I would use it all the time!
  11. As my signature shows, we have sizes ranging from pekin to turkey and all get on well - in fact the pekin bantam and the turkey hen are best friends - aaah!
  12. A friend had similar experience and ultimately has been put off selling at all. I felt bad enough when I got a neutral, but accompanied by completely unfounded comments and no attempt by buyer to contact me to resolve beforehand - and all for an anorak that she had bagged for 99p (when I checked her own ratings I discovered she had loads of comments about her selling dirty clothing items, but buyers had been too kind as to be negative). I think some folk just like to make other folk miserable and sadly ebay's decision to prevent negative feedback to buyers has given them a free reign. You have my deepest sympathies.
  13. The ideal would be if it is flexible enough for mum to take 6 months off and then partner (male or female) to be able to provide the baby with another 6 months at home - I would have loved that option.
  14. I wouldn't risk tumble drying it. I have not made any items with bamboo (yet) but do own a couple of bamboo/cotton tops and find them quick to dry on radiator.
  15. Did you get one? If not, I have previously just made an oblong using double or treble crochet (whichever you like) in a neutral shade (white/cream) and then when the wee one pops out add a border in an edging - e.g. shell design (basic crochet books usually have how to do edgings) in pink/blue. You could also sew on a pretty patch to match the edging - e.g. teddy bear - available from craft shops.
  16. As I would never get away with slipping them in OH's lunchbox (in part as he is the lunchbox maker in our house ) so I will give these other recipes a try - thanks.
  17. Of all the things to grow so well, why did it have to be radishes?! Any suggestions of what I can do with them?
  18. Great, that solves the problem with what to do with all the slug munched cabbages I have in my garden - put them through my feathered composters !
  19. Just wanted to check if raw cabbage leaves can be fed to chooks?
  20. Cheers for the advice - any goats would be 2 or 3 years away yet, but it costs nothing to dream and to start planning . All sounds more feasible than I thought though, which is very encouraging.
  21. Our wee pekin bantam gets on great with all the big girls, including the turkeys and her best friend is the turkey hen - talk about little and large! Great fiesty, friendly wee bird - would definately recommend pekin bantams!
  22. Of my 3 cats I would worry about the safety of 1 if faced by a chicken; think I could trust another as he has always been trainable to leave things that he has been told are "mine"; and would not trust the other an inch - given that she has taken down wood pigeons, a baby hawk, and a seagull - and yes, she is my littlest cat. She is constantly stalking round the run, putting her claws in between the bars and I am sure if she had a chance she would go for it. We have not taken the risk, but having been a lifelong cat owner, I would say depends on the cat.
  23. Now that I think of it I once visited a place near York where they have a maze of maize and they had goats, chickens, etc all living together on an old double decker bus - had forgotton all about it, but at the time thought "wouldn't that be great sitting at the end of the garden" (if the garden was bigger).

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