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  1. I have a blue copper maran which looks just like Daisy in Poached's reply above. Although not a very friendly bird, my Daphne is a reliable layer of dark brown eggs and seems to keep an eye on the other birds.
  2. RIP Edna - little red rescue hen. Passed away peacefully in her sleep in the henhouse, surrounded by her feathered friends. Had a lovely year freed from battery farming (thanks BHWT) - many thanks for the eggs and the memories Edna. Glad you lasted so long with your little squinty body and beak. Missed, but with happy memories.
  3. The colour you have picked is lovely - we have used on various wooden items in garden and it is gorgeous!
  4. I am aware that the new Cubes have easier access door - but if still finding it too small for ease of cleaning, etc then I would heartily suggest the door extension - details of how to do are in this section somewhere (I think near the top of section).
  5. SAB


    I am a couple of years off being ready for bees but am already soooooo excited to hear this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. SAB

    self harm

    I think you are wonderful for letting her go as I am sure it would have felt punitive to her if you had not - best wishes to you both.
  7. Blinding pain when one bursts, with the risk of health complications - if in doubt see Dr and insist on investigation.
  8. SAB

    self harm

    Although the media tends to concentrate on young people and self harm, people of all ages and backgrounds can do so. It is something that has appeared throughout history and cultures and is more "socially acceptable" in some cultures than others. A very useful website is mind.org.uk where there is a section on self-harm. Please note that the vast majority of people who self-harm have no wish to kill themselves (though do not discount the possibility of someone feeling this bad) and are not usually a risk to others, nor is sel-harm a sign of mental illness (though people with mental illness may also self-harm). If you know someone who is self harming try not to over react (really hard!) and to make yourself available to listen to their distress and to encourage other ways of communicating and releaving their distress; help them look after wounds and do not rush to doctor/hosptital unless wounds are severe or their are other aspects of mental health you are worried about. There is variation across the country as to how well services work with people who self harm and it is worth looking into what is available in your area from health/voluntary agencies/etc, but remember that not everyone will want to attend a service. If you are supporting someone who self-harms, remember to find some support for yourself - whether that be formal, from a friend, or using hobbies. Best wishes.
  9. Good luck with it all chicken little - you are probably right, it will be sitting in someone's "to do" tray. I wouldn't worry though as it is usually very straightforward if mutual. My ex and I (also Scotland) did a few years back though to be honest I can't recall all the ins and outs (for example I can recall getting a decree nisi but can't remember decree absolute though know I am definately divorded as this was checked by lawyer when my longterm partner and I adopted recently). I remember thinking it must be more complicated than it seemed and kept expecting something to go wrong, but it didn't. All the best to you - if they won't speak to you to let you check up on it get your ex to do so.
  10. Wouldn't do them any harm to give it. I had one of my turkey stags go through a phase of sneezing but was fine in all other ways - we even joked he had hayfever! He has stopped now and we are none the wiser, but "a wee tonic" is always a good idea.
  11. Oh Bantambabe I wish you lived closer, your 10 year old sounds like he would be the ideal friend for my 10 year old .
  12. With it being school holidays, and this series not being on so late, and my kids (13 and 10) being Dr Who obessed and insistent on watching it, I had let them. Became clear early on that this might not have been one of my best ideas , but they then convinced me that they would need to watch it all to see how it would end - OH and I went with that assuming (naively as it turns out) that all would be well in the end. Anyway - they found the series facinating and have given it glowing reports and do not seem to have been disturbed by it. I think their innocence has been a factor as, unlike us adults, they do not seem to think that the government would really behave in that way and were clear in their own heads that it is just TV. They also were busy working out theories as to how it all fits with other aspects of Dr Who. In fact the only after-affect we have had is my 10 year old son suddenly staring and pointing, chanting "we are coming"(!). I think my OH and I were far more disturbed by this episode of Torchwood than the children were.
  13. Worth googling Candida symptoms. Having had increasing allergies over past few years and constant problems with swollen glands, catching colds, tiredness, and other symptoms I became convinced that there was something behind it. For me Candida fit the bill - I have been very strict in working out food intolerances and am like a new woman - loads more energy, much healthier, dropped a dress size, look and feel 10 years younger. It was a lot of hard work sorting out what foods were having negative impact on me and I felt at first I was only eating carboard (!) but has been well worth it. A big plus is that I had seemed to be allergic to eggs, but have found I can now eat them (it was the bread I was having them with that was doing me in!). Good luck with it - you may find a homeopathic doctor more helpful that standard. Also, many tests look only for definate allergies, not for milder intolerances, which can give low grade symptoms which over time can be very depleting.
  14. It happened to mine too and he had told me I could only get chickens if he had nothing to do with them and I did not expect him to eat the eggs - next thing he is building a WIR, running out in a storm to cuddle frightened ex-batts, eating eggs, mucking out the run, talking to turkeys, etc - these Aliens are truelly wonderful! And I actually do think that I have felt more in love with OH since having chickens - or maybe it is that the kids go out to see the birds and me and OH actually have some time together for a change!!!
  15. Oooooh - all the ones you got are on my wish list !
  16. One of my ex-batts lays similar and they seem to be more frequent these days. The eggs are still fine to eat though. Great to hear of other "girls" who will get to live out their days in peace eggs or no eggs
  17. Some rescue remedy in her water should help to calm her after her traumatic time - can get from chemists such as Boots, Holland + Barratt, etc - a few drops should do it. All the best to her and your family.
  18. Beegal - who may be on this site, but is definately on Practical Poultry site may be able to help. There was also someone on here a wee while back saying she could rehome either sex - sorry, have forgotton her omletname. Good luck.
  19. Your update is great news, but it was worth you thinking over the altenatives re arthritis as it is common in old age with larger breed dogs unfortunately. Thanks for your kind words about Tyson - it is hard when he is struggling, but he has been such a joy and remains cheerful, with tail constantly wagging - we and vet have always said we will know to call it a day when the tail stops.

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