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  1. I live in an area with lots of foxes and ferral cats (not to mention my own murderous kitties) - we currently have rablu with guinea pigs - no problem in the past couple of years as they are always in the run and we ensure it is secured. This has made us confident enough to get cube and run for chickens but I would be wary of freeranging and so intend to build a bigger run and foxproof it so the chickens can freerange (albeit to a lesser extent) but do so safely.
  2. Hi - I think that you can buy skirts for runs from flytes of fancy which make the run fox proof - best to check the website (like you I have bbn tempted after hearing of other people buying their runs). The chap in Cambridge retails on ebay - can't recall his name but the quality of his runs looks amazing. He only seems to deliver within 100 miles of Cambridge though (unfortunately for me as I am too far away!).
  3. I noticed on the flytesofancy site that they have orange chicken netting at greatly reduced cost at present.
  4. I crocheted a bottle of Beck's beer once!
  5. Thanks for warning about the noise! We have very tolerant neighbours, but probably best not to stretch it!
  6. Does anyone know if they can live with chickens? Also, are their eggs OK to eat. They look so pretty that I am tempted!
  7. One of the rabbits we previously had died in the same way. Then its sister looked similar so we rushed her to the vet, but she died there - it was much more traumatic for us and I am sure for the bunny that we had rushed her off to the vet when she was so unwell, but we had done it for the best. Unfortunately the vet was as baffled as we were as to the cause. We since discovered that our garden is sighted on what was a slag heap for a mine and therefore probably has a lot of heavy metals in the soil - this may or may not have led to our rabbits demise. We will never know, but to be on the safe side we have put our rablu (now containing guinea pigs) on the concrete patio.
  8. Buttercups and clover are a real worry for me after reading this list as our grass is infested with them!
  9. 2 of my 3 cats are such birders that I am not going to risk it - walk in pen being built. Given that the 2 moggies tend to hunt together, go into crows nests, and their kills have included a young bird of prey and a full size seagull, I will never be convinced of the safety of chickens around them! The other cat will probably not care less! I think everyone just has to judge what risks they feel able to take with the knowledge of their own cats. I know that chickens should be able to hold their own, but given the vicious fights with crows that I have had to intervene in, I don't want to risk injury to either feline or fowl!
  10. Yes it is me! Cube was due to arrive this week but has been delayed by a week. Should be picking up 4 chickens soon afterwards and am on waiting list for ex-bats. Amazing how it has taken me years to persuade partner to tolerate a couple of chickens and within a couple of weeks of him agreeing, the kids and I had somehow upped it to a cube, 4 chickens, with hopefully 6 ex-bats joining in future! As I say, travel not so easy for us non-car drivers, but thanks for offer of visit - may be able to do easier during school summer hols as I take a few weeks off then. If not, then I can always rely on you and others via forum to help me out with all my beginners queries - finding the forum invaluable for this already! Best wishes.
  11. Thanks - I am in Airdrie, but as a non-driver I need somewhere that delivers. Great to have a few local leads and thanks for the tip on Easibed.
  12. Can anyone tell me where I can buy hemcore or auboise in Lanarkshire? If you have bought in this area, could you give me an idea of how much it cost and cost of delivery - many thanks. (Cube arriving soon, can't wait!)
  13. Try Envirosax from www.rosienieper.co.uk - smart bags in variety of designs that fold small. £4.95 each or 2 for £8.95. Not as cheap as the ones mentioned earlier in this thread but are strong (the blurb states they can hold equivalent of 2 supermarket plastic bags) and they look great.
  14. I have been using Mooncup for past year and am full of regret for not using sooner. Had heard of this "mythical hippy object" years ago, but only the internet brought me into contact with it. I have suffered from menstural related migraine since forever and, though I still get these migraines, they are much reduced in intensity since using Mooncup. Have found to be far better for light days and for very heavy days than tampons (and for all days in between). Also, can see how much blood is being lost and how quickly far more easily, which helps me monitor how much iron I need to be supplementing with dark green leafy veg to help minimise my migraine also. Thanks be to Mooncup. Haven't a clue how my daughter is going to manage it at first, but the time is fast approaching and I feel I owe it to her to try Mooncup from the start (may be easier said than done!).
  15. Hi Rachel - great to hear from a cancer survivor. My mum is one too as are a couple of my friends. Keep on keeping on!
  16. Hi - new to forum but felt compelled to join so I could make a comment re eglus in winter for guinea pigs. I live in Scotland, so we have lots of cold and rain here. We got our 2 girls 9 months ago and they have lived happily outside in eglu ever since. They had previously lived indoors. I was paranoid at first and kept checking on them, but after a week they really adapted to outside life and have coped regardless of the weather - wind, rain (lots of in Scotland), ice and snow included. They refuse to have their door shut and will shout to us from the doorway if the weather is too bad for them to want to venture out in the run. They love gathering leaves that have been blown down in the wind and seem to have grown thicker winter coats to cope with the cold - they are always warm to the touch and in great health. We have positioned the eglu in a spot that offers some shelter from the elements and use the rain cover on the run - even so, the weather can be cruel in Scotland, but our 2 girls seem proof that an eglu can be just fine for winter guineas too!

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