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  1. Our Tyson's arthritis seemed to come on suddenly just over 2 years ago with him slowing up, he then collapsed and his back legs would not work at all. Trip to vet was expected to be his last, but cortisone injection and prescription of metacam worked wonders. We were warned that it could cause renal failure but he was not expected to live for too much longer in any case (unsure of his age as rescue dog, but lab type mongrel and estimated now at about 14) so it was worth a go. Worked great and recently changed to something else (name not on bottle and it was OH who took to vet so I forget name of med) and he is still with us (despite the major stroke he had a couple of months back as posted previously). Some days harder to get up than others, and front legs now showing signs of arthritis, but doing well. Had he been a younger dog I would have been far more wary of using prescribed meds over the long term, but we really thought we had lost him 2 years back so every day has been a bonus.
  2. There was one large fish in the pond that came with our house. When she died we decided last year we decided to do away with the pond (as it needed a fair bit of time and money spent on it to bring it back up to standard) and so have made it into a veg patch this year - took loads of soil, even though we had filled up a bit with rubble! Worth it though. We do plan a wee nature pond for local wildlife though. Go for it!
  3. Should be fine, but you will have to find a way to rig up waterbottle so they have access to water at all times, particularly important in all this heat. I know there is a lot of debate over whether Eglu is suitable permanent home for guineas, but can't see there being too much debate as to if okay for temporary home. Size should be fine for 4 guineas as long as they are used to living together and you know the sex, so you don't end up with 40!!! Good luck with it all (from someone who keeps guineas in rablu all year round in Scotland, even in snow and has had no probs!)
  4. Well all my dad's have now bolted and some of mine have too. Of 2 friends who are growing them, 1 had had all hers bolt and the other has had some of hers bolt! Mind you the weather here in Scotland has been rather hotter than we, or our gardens, are used to so perhaps that has had something to do with it. Ah well, always next year (and everything else growing great!).
  5. My dad has planted lots of lovely cauliflower all of which have bolted - look very pretty, but no sign of any actual caulis. I recently planted some and want to avoid the same fate - any advice?
  6. Managed to get slightly larger (and much cleaner ) carrier from my sister. Picking up tomorrow, ready to mop up all the mess you have warned me about! Will be worth it .
  7. Thanks guys - I am up in Sunny Scotland so too far away for your kind offer Claret. Don't worry, photos will appear once he is here and we can tear our eyes away from him long enough to load them on computer!
  8. Can anyone advise (asap) what size of carrier I will need to collect beagle pup aged 8 weeks? Would a cat carrier 21inch x 13 inch x 12.5 inch do? Wanted to check if this is an option before going out and getting an alternative. Help with this query gratefully received.
  9. I have ticked dogs/cats/chickens/fish/guinea pigs/other - other for us is tortoise and turkeys!
  10. SAB

    Dirty weekend!

    It was my 40th earlier this year and my parents got me an Instant Garden from Rocket Gardens - plug plants, to give me a bit of a head start. At the moment it does not look like much as all the wee plants are so small and spread out, but I am sure it will be bountiful soon and will then post pictures. Got the planting done today as planned - my youngest son was a great help - he is the wee lad (age 5) that we just adopted and for a boy who came from the city he has such an affinity with the land it is amazing - digging and planting are his 2 favourite things, closely followed by looking after the chickens. Long soaks in the bath have been called for last night and tonight - but no better feeling than getting scrubbed after being so mucky .
  11. My OH and I have just spent the day shovelling 4.5 tonnes of soil into what was previously a garden pond and is now to be our vegetable patch. I now feel fantastically achey and righteously filthy, whilst my OH just feels sore and mucky! Tomorrow...planting!
  12. I meant to add that almost 2 years ago he collapsed in the street and I had to phone my OH at work to help me carry him home as his "backend" had totally gone and his legs were not working at all. As he is partly labrador he was too big for me to carry alone (though some well meaning gents from the bookies he had collapsed in front off did offer to help after first asking "is yer dug deid missus?"!). A phonecall to the vet had resulted in him being taken off for doggie heaven, leaving me and the kids distraught at home. The vet had not given up on him yet though and with some injections and manipulating the joints, the old boy got back on his feet (albeit on arthritis meds for life) - we were amazed and over the moon when he came back then. Even more amazed that he has cheated the reaper once more! When we got him from the SSPCA years ago they said he had been raised with cats - perhaps he thinks he has 9 lives ! He is 13 or 14 now, so we know we won't have him forever, but at the moment there certainly looks like there is life in the old dog yet .
  13. Apparently so. When I was studying in London a friend on the course used to take us to her mum's house in Pluckly at the weekends (when her mum was not there and we could party!) - gorgeous place - lovely old hop house with ancient spider's webs. It was great and I recall her little brother taking us out to feed the chickens. I also recall her other brother was a chef and kept us well entertained - I particularly liked the strawberries and champagne for breakfast in the jacuzzi (I kid you not ).
  14. A couple of weeks back our elderly rescue mutt Tyson had a massive stroke (we'd suspected he'd been having little ones for a while and his is also riddled with arthritis) - he was too poorly to even take to vet to have him PTS. The vet agreed to come to our house, which would cost more, but was what we prefered anyway. There was a delay of a few days before the vet could come and we were tending to the poor old guy and feeding him his favourite food (pizza) as a goodbye treat. The date was all set, my daughter had rearranged her orthodontist appointment, and the kids were getting some time off school to be with him at the end (their choice) when....a week after the big stroke, he jumped up ate and drank loads and ran to meet my astonished OH as he came in from work ! We were able to take to vet who confirmed he had huge stroke but now was pretty miraculously recovered, so PTS appoint cancelled and since then he has gone from strength to strength .
  15. I was about to say that I can vouch for how lovely Kittoch's silkies are, then realised that might sound a bit naughty !
  16. So glad Fee has arranged to PM you - she saved me from making that mistake!!
  17. I start mine on the top shelf and move down to bottom shelf after a bit - seems to work.
  18. It is a bit odd. I wondered if there was someone who had a set up which could allow a hen to live apart from others (though you would have to persuade SSPCA of that) or if anyone who knew of someone who would like just one - anyone persuade a neighbour maybe? Wonder if she could live as a house-hen
  19. SSPCA site has chicken who needs home NOT with other chickens as does not like them! Named Attila, located in Highlands/Islands. Apparently likes people and will make nice pet. Red hen. Anyone help?
  20. I am sure it was only about £4 - they have different sizes and matching mirrors - available in black, white, or wood. Fab eh - cos I hate it when you save money making things and then have to spend a fortune on a frame!
  21. Would love to claim credit for the frame - but bought it from poundstretchers!

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