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  1. Oh, willl need to try that - I have been making as lemon curd muffins (as I have posted on this forum) and was wondering what else I could try!
  2. Well, did not make quite so much as in January, but my daughter and I made loads of birthday cards, mothers day cards, easter cards, thank you cards over Feb and March when we have lots of birthdays etc - unfortunately forgot to photograph them before sent,s this entry will be sp"Ooops, word censored!" on photos. As my daughter has also being doing baking at school, and the hens are flooding us with eggs just now, we have been doing more baking than crafting over Feb/March. We did make a couple of other things though - see photos: Another Sequins art jointly completed by daughter and I whilst watching TV! Cross-stich I made and framed for mum's birthday. (The yellow partial circle on the kit is the light bouncing off the frame when taking photo!) The cards were all made from materials we had in the house; the cross-stich kit I got free from this forum (thank you Claret ); and my daughter bought the sequins kit from ebay with some of her Christmas money. All in all a pretty inexpensive couple of months of crafting (even if not as prolific as January!).
  3. Poet's can speak how they want - they have poetic licence!
  4. Had the same recently - tasted fine - looks like some sort of calcium deposits to me. Egg from same hen the next day was fine.
  5. Though I feel I would have the energy I am going to give Edinburgh a miss as the wee lad has never had me away from him for so long and deserves to have me around all weekend - hope you all have a great time though and I am sure there will be other get togethers I can make in the future - just bad timing for me this time.
  6. At least this time I am not spurting milk like I was on return from my mat leaves with my elder 2 children!
  7. Well, 1st day over and I feel I have never been away - it was non-stop all day, so I did not have the chance to get melancholy. I work with a great team of people, so have been glad to see them all again. Many thanks to all for your good wishes.
  8. Afraid I have not made my own lemon curd since I was a child. I used some lovely stuff from a local garden centre - it has inspired me to relearn how to make my own.
  9. Thanks everyone! It was a wee boy we got age 4 and a half (now 5). He came with a fair bit of baggage, only to be expected, but is definately part of the family and settling well. We will be dealing with "issues" for years to come I am sure, but going in the right direction. As the legal part of the adoption is going through court just now I don't want to put his name or photo on forum yet (name bit unusual, so may be recogniseable) until he is legally mine - hopefully not long now!
  10. I have a real mix from bantam to turkey and all live happily together (though the turkeys sleep separately at night).
  11. Well, it is back to work on Monday after adoption leave - going back 4 days per week (reduced from fulltime) - so won't be on forum quite as much. Cheers all for keeping me sane during my "time off from work" (love the phrase - have done harder and more important work in these last 6 months than ever!). Will still be around on forum though - wonder how long it takes me to log on after coming in at night - that should measure my addiction .
  12. I have been using the recipe for the yohurt cake that is posted on this site and really enjoy it, but wanted to jazz it up a bit so.....I made lemon curd muffins from it! Using small pot of yoghurt gave enough for 12 muffins - fill each cake paper thing till about half way with the mix, then put a tea spoon of lemon curd (preferably homemade) then fill up with cake mix. Pop it in the oven for... well I am not really sure how long as I was in the kitchen cooking and just kept an eye on it as it began to smell ready! Gorgeous - the lemon curd stays gooey in the middle - but becareful of sampling too soon or it is like molten lava!
  13. Oh definately get a pekin for your daughter - they are such friendly wee birds and well able to stand up for themselves - our Tallulah is even best mates with our turkeys! We also had a mini silkie in with our flock (ranging in size from bantam, to larger chickens, to turkeys) - he got on fine and only left to be a stud as turned out to be a cockeral! Be ware of that for silkies as they are harder to sex than other breeds and often only crowing or egg laying decides it . Good luck with it all (by the way, it was year of persuasion to get my OH to agree to 4 chooks and if you look at my signature you will see we've expanded a lot since we started last year and he also is very involved with them despite his intention to have nothing to do with them).
  14. I also have tended to keep door open of Rablu and let rabbits (at present it is gpigs we have) come and go as wish, which seems to suit them well. As for catching them, that seems best achieved by luring into house area with food, swiftly shutting the door over to prevent them getting into run, and picking them up via the eglu door. Similar sectioning off used when cleaning the run area. Hope this helps. We reckoned that the eglu works out financially far better than constant replacement of chewed wooden hutches, and there is not the same fox risk if the silly bunny has chewed its way out of a wooden hutch!
  15. Back in the day I would have just supped it out the pot with a spoon! Glad I indulged when I could as now lactose intolerant - I never liked milk anyway, but gosh I miss cream!
  16. So glad you have "failed"! Lucky Gina
  17. Just as Hangman says. Though rare, it happens more than you would think . We were very sad when Manfred (previously Myrtle) had to be rehomed, but the blow was softened by the fact that the guy we get our chooks from found her/him a lovely home where he/she could crow to his/her hearts content and have lots of friends to play with.
  18. Having been there when our Myrtle "turned" I really feel for you Janty - big hugs!
  19. SAB

    Nature Stack

    That is fantastic!
  20. Have had similar with a couple of mine, despite no sign of lice/mites and regularly and recently wormed. I too have no idea, but one of mine has now grown lovely new feathers and the other looks to be starting to do so too. It is baffling.
  21. I have had similar occasionally, but all hens well and no explanation so have put down to one of those things - always worth checking them out though, but as you have done so and all seem okay it is probably just worth keeping an eye on.
  22. I would recommend it - they are such characters!

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