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  1. Thanks everyone for your good wishes. I do think it was peritonitis Eglutine (having been frantically on the forum looking at posts last night).
  2. Doris (ex-batt) has died suddenly. Undercarraige had looked swollen over weekend, sudden weightloss and feather loss. She was eating, drinking and moving fine and trying to preen self, but looked bedraggled in rain. Brought in to house for some tlc which she seemed to enjoy and returned her to her flock to sleep. Stayed in nest box for most of day with our other birds taking turns sitting with her and our turkey stag continually rounding up all the other chickens to keep them where he could see them! Checked on her over the day and she looked better than yesterday but on most recent check I could not find her at first - she had left the cube and was in a corner of the walk in run dead. Very sad, but glad for her that it was quick and that she had 7 months of freedom! When we first rehomed her she seemed physically the most robust of our ex-batts but so depressed we did not think she would make it through the first week - but lots of cuddles got her there and we have great memories of her - will miss her egg announcements. RIP Doris Doris with my daughter and eldest son receiving some TLC last night
  3. www.boden.co.uk - they have a few: the blue farmyard t-shirt features a chicken, with egg and the word "cluck"; the pink applique t-shirt has a pretty patchwork chicken; and the big applique t-shirt in white has a big yellow chick.
  4. Gosh - I have been using hemp with my daughter's tortoise Lizzy and have been very happy with it, though we are careful to keep Lizzy's eyes clean as noticed that the hemp could sometimes get into them. Not sure what to do now
  5. Mark - the section I have quoted from you is very important - unlike you, none of us knew Steve or his work. In his case he is genuine and we now all know that due to RSPCA visit, but what if people didn't raise concerns simply because they did not know someone...? It is great that you wish to support Steve, but he does not need you to speak negatively of another person in order to "clear his name" - the RSPCA visit and the work he does has done that for him.
  6. I have been given an instant veg garden for my 40th (from www.rocketgardens.co.uk (also available via www.ethicalsuperstore.co.uk) - given that life very busy just now and it will be the first veg garden we have had in this house, it will give us a great head start. I also was given a fab book by Carol Klein "Cook your own Veg". With some of the seeds I already had and the amount of veg in the instant garden I am going to be able to pass some of the plants on to my dad for his birthday (my mum has been in hospital recently, which means dad has also been behind on the garden, so it will help him catch up).
  7. Totally agree and strangely sexy
  8. Didn't have corn oil, so used sunflower oil - turned out fine - delicious.
  9. I am sure that people will be pleased that you have come on to this forum and clarified this. Keep up your good work - I hope you will stay on the forum as there are a lot of ex-batt owners here and I am sure the vast experience you have of them, particularly related to health issues soon after rescue, would be invaluable to us all.
  10. Sounds like you are doing great work and there was much soul searching on the forum over the issue of RSPCA visit. As a rescuer I am sure you will agree that better to be safe than sorry and that if someone is above board that should show up on RSPCA visit. Nonetheless, must have been unpleasant for you. For those of us who have adopted animals from places that do home visits (and for those of us who have adopted children from social work) we are well aware how intrusive and stressful such inspections can be, necessary though they are. There are some people out there profiting from ex-batts, but it would seem you are not one of them - indeed from what you have said, it is likely you end up out of pocket. From my memory of the initial posting, which raised concern, it was not so much the money but that you were perceived as negative and dismissive to BHWT that had raised concern and over the telephone (and indeed on forums like this) things can come across differently from what they might do face to face. In your upset, and possible anger, please remember that the concerns were raised by likeminded individuals who also care about the plight of battery hens. Similarly, anyone reading this who feels guilty about involving/suggesting involving RSPCA, please remember that your concerns were ultimately the same as the person the RSPCA visited - the welfare of these already needy chickens.
  11. Can't help re preserving, but just wanted to say what lovely work.
  12. Thanks for the encouragement Lesley - at the point I learned to crochet I was pretty much fully ambidextrous, but am mostly right now (but not entirely). My daughter is far more of a mixture, complicated by dyslexia, but she is terribly creative and her ability to succeed at anything she puts her mind to is remarkable, given the extra effort she needs to make on account of her dyslexia. I will make a point of letting her sit and watch me work and she will perhaps pick up from there.
  13. Welcome to your lovely girls! I found mine would not go to bed at first either, same for staying out of rain, and they love the snow - each "first" for them must be amazing - I just can't imagine what it must be like for them. I was amazed at how quickly they remembered how to be hens and that they knew to lay in the nest box and I was almost moved to tears when I first saw them dustbathe. Egg laying for my 6 ex-batts was a steady 3 per day initially, moving up to a steady 4/5 out of 6, which is not bad at all. Even during winter we tended to get an egg or 2 from them.
  14. Have a look in the free to good home section - there is a eglu run going free in London area - not sure if close enough to you. Thought of that as apparently the "shiny" green eglus are £200 from Omlet just now. Might work out as cheap as getting rablu from ebay and converting.
  15. When your ex-batts come initially they may not have strong enough legs for roosting and so you may not need to convert the rablu in the first instance - I know ours chose to sit on floor of shed at first until they were stronger.

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