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  1. I would be quite relieved if she is molting, l just thought that they start from the head down.
  2. I am not sure she is molting as her the feathers on her head so far are intact.
  3. Hi I have noticed my lead hens feathers are looking really tatty on her underside and she has some bald spots. The other 2 hens are fine and she is still laying eggs but I wondered if anyone could help with a cause. I have not noticed any pecking or dust ups between the hens. Thanks for any advice anyone can give.
  4. Yes they have always had access to grit, they were supposed to be wormed when I got them just over 3 months ago but I have ordered some for the other 3 girls to have just to be on the safe side although they seem fine. Izzy was recently put to the bottom of the pecking order as the youngest has grown up to be a bit of a bully at the moment, pushing the others out the way and pecking them. They have always had 2 drinkers and I brought an extra feeder although maybe not in time. Yes she possibly could have eaten some long grass but her crop felt mostly empty the week before and I was trying to give her scrambled egg and herbs to try to get her weight up and her interested in food. I am now a bit paranoid and worried about the others although they seem fine and healthy.
  5. Thank you for all your posts. Izzy didn't make through. At least I know what to l look for should it happen again.
  6. She is very ill now, I am not sure she is going to make it though.
  7. I did manage to see a vet and they gave me a prescription for nystatin, but I am having to dilute it in some water and try syringe feed it to her.
  8. Not really, I made the mistake of giving her a small amount of food this morning which she did not eat much of but her crop has gone ballooney again and I have just had to help her get rid of more liquid by tipping her forward a little and massage her crop.
  9. Hi, I am hoping someone can help. I am new to keeping chickens I have 4 which I have had for a couple of months. I am fairly sure one has sour crop. I followed advice on the Internet and separated her from the others in a dog crate with out food or water yesterday and early this morning when I went to check on her and massage her crop again some smelly liquid came out of her mouth so I tipped her forward a little so she could get rid of it. I have kept checking on her every hour but I am having trouble finding a vet that will see her and I am not sure what to do next. Thank you for any advice you can give.

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