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  1. I have a sick Warren, I think she's just over 2 years old. Since Christmas she's been laying eggs with extremely weak shells, sometimes with holes in, always with ridges and weird shapes. She's the friendliest one but since last week she seems really slow, she never comes up to say hello any more, she doesn't want treats. Her comb is red and upright, her eyes are bright, she looks healthy and she's still laying every other day. She had a large clump of pasty white/green poo stuck to her feathers which we washed off and since then she's just not been right. She also seems to have diarrhea, green water basically. Any ideas? We got her in May last year and the farmer said she was just over a year old. Her sister lays similar eggs but is acting totally normal. I have checked her for live and mites and I worm them every 6 months.

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