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  1. Thanks for the replies. Yes, the colour has changed slightly, more to a khaki green shade, but very intense colour. Most people can't believe it when they see one compared to a tinted egg. When cracked open, the inside is blue. The children love having green 'dippy eggs' for breakfast!!
  2. Our cream legbar/maran cross called Olive has kept us in suspense for several months, but here is a pic of her with my daughter and her 1st egg! We were so excited it's untrue!! picture here
  3. Thanks Heather and Sheila. Still no idea why we're on an egg strike. Had to buy 6 eggs in the supermarket today. Never been known before.
  4. Hi, just wondering if anyone else has seen a drop in eggs since the awful rainy weather? Our girls seem to hate it and are much happier clucking around in the drier weather. We've got 7 hens that were point of lay about 3 months ago and we only get about 1 egg a day, maybe 2 if we're lucky. We don't know what we're doing wrong as we kept 6 hens in our last house and had absolutely stacks of eggs, but this time around, it is not working. We've got 4 warrens, who were laying 3 or 4 eggs a day in May, but have since come to an almost stop. We've yet to have an egg from our Leghorn, Legbar or Maran hybrids even though we've had them several months. They live in a run of about 12ft square, on wood chips/bark. We don't feed them too many treats, give them regular greens and have wormed them recently. We de-lice them every week or so and keep regular checks for red-mite. I've introduced poultry spice and regularly check on them to see that they are well. Combs are all very red (apart from the legbar and maran) and they don't seem thin (apart from one of the warrens) Does anyone have any suggestions. I have tried measuring the pelvic gap (suggested in one of my poultry books) and some birds have a gap of 1cm or so, when it should be 3 or 4 fingers apart. Help!! We've spent a lot of time, energy and money getting the chickens set up in our 'not so practical this time around' garden and hoped to have a better return in eggs. It really galls me to buy eggs and worst of all, the kids have to take turns every day, instead of being able to collect a few eggs each. I'd appreciate any advice to this much asked quandry. Thanks.
  5. Hi, sorry if this has been asked before. I just wondered what other people use to entertain their chickens. I get the impression that my girls are a bit fed up with their area. We have 7 girls in a 12ft square run which is covered with bark. In our last house, our previous chickens had a huge grassy area to free range on, but sadly, in this house, we have to confine them to a run. So my question is, what can I do to give them a bit more to do? Has anyone put in branches or cd's to peck at? 2 of them are constantly trying to escape which makes me sad as I think it's because they're unhappy (which I'm sure they're not! ). Anyway, any advice would be gratefully received about how to distract my disconsolate girls! Thanks.
  6. Thanks Olly, like you said, you have to balance up what works for you. The sad thing was that it was just our second day of having the school children working with the chickens and we found this had happened. Worse still, Deirdre was our only layer at the time so I had to lend school two of my girls from home until the others started laying! With the extra wire, I'm pretty confident it won't happen again. It's much nicer to see them out during the lighter evenings.
  7. Great news! Once you start you won't look back! Doves Farm Organic white bread flour about 74p a bag in Asdas on Sunday - that's pretty reasonable I think. I noticed that the Allinson's white flour was back up to £1.15 so the 45p a bag price drop must have been a temporary thing. Must get hold of lemon drizzle cake recipe, sounds delicious!
  8. Hi, sorry to put a dampner on things, but we have got an eglu cube at the school where I work and a fox managed to get at a chicken through the wire mesh and tore her wing off! This must have happened early in the morning and we hadn't locked them into the house (just locked in the run). We found Deirdre in the nest box minus a wing and sadly she had to be destroyed. We think that the fox just got lucky and managed to get hold of a wing as she turned around and didn't let go until he'd tore it off. Since then, we have had to line the inside of the run with an extra layer of chicken wire so that we can allow the chickens to stay out late on summer evenings without the risk of a fox doing the same again. So far, three weeks on, it has not happened again. As they're kept at school, going up there at 10pm in your pyjamas is not really an option! Good luck whatever you choose to do.
  9. Hi Welsh Sarah, your french copper blacks sound fab. I've asked him to keep me a French Blue Maran until they reach POL, they're only 8 weeks old at the moment, so a bit young and I don't have a separate run for them. Nice to hear of Omlet members living nearby. Wondered where you get your feed from? I go to Arthur John in Cowbridge. They're an agricultural merchants and pretty reasonable.
  10. What! There are celebrities on the Omlet forum??! Must go and investigate. Can you believe that the photographer did not take a single photo of me!!! However, he took lots of the children, some great ones where they were feeding the chickens sweetcorn out of their hands. Will try and post the article when it's printed. Thanks for all your best wishes, at least the girls liked my sparkly flip flops...they always peck them!!
  11. Hope it's ok to add to this thread about breadmakers? I've also got a Panasonic sd255 and use it almost daily. I would really recommend it to anyone thinking of getting one. Not sure if any one shops in Asda, but they are selling Allinson's Strong Bread Flour for 45p a bag at the moment (it used to be £1.15). That's such a good price, I can make about 3 loaves from one bag of flour. Doves Farm Organic white flour is also cheap in Asda. Has anyone noticed how expensive wholemeal bread flour is at the moment? £1.45 a bag!
  12. I've recently introduced chickens at the primary school where I teach and we currently have 7 chickens living in a green Eglu cube. Tomorrow, I am being photographed for the South Wales Echo, who are doing a feature on me, the chickens, pupils and the school as we're one of the first (if only) school in Cardiff to have chickens! Luckily, my four year old daughter and some of her other classmates will be in the picture too, so it's not too bad. Have deliberated on what to wear and have opted for totally impractical white trousers and sparkly flip flops... just to prove that you don't have to be one of the green welly brigade to enjoy keeping chickens! I may even go further and have a WAG handbag on my arm and sunglasses on my head... this is only so that Hello! mag may feature my pics if I look glam enough!! Will post the pic after it appears in the paper.
  13. Hope no-one minds me bumping up an old thread. I just wondered if any there were any other members living in the South Wales area? Reading back through, I can confirm that Steve Howells at the Poultry Mill is fabulous! Really helpful and the chickens are reasonably priced. We've had almost all of our birds from him and they are all fully vaccinated and great layers. Looking forward to meeting some more locals!

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