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  1. Hi there I wonder if anyone can advise we have 2 in appleyards from 2 days old from incubator ... My son is autistic and they are his babies .. but they are exhibiting odd behaviour well I think for ducks lol ... They will not settle without a fluffy bed .. if it's say rough material or heaven helps us straw !!! They sqwark flap run round their pen etc .. as soon as a soft cloth or even worse my son gives them my mohair cushions !! They settle ... They will not touch "dirty" water by dirty I mean I out their bowls/baths out they get in do their thing and then sqwark till I change it to drink !! Im having to resort to 3 water areas 1 each and then a water bath for drinking .. I did not think this was normal behaviour? Also we take them out they have their own pram yes I know but these are my son's babies ... And as soon as we sit down in a cafe they start demanding very loudly and vocal for whatever we are eating it's so bad we now have a picnic bag for them to settle them so we can eat .. baring in mind they have always got in the pram water and duck crumb food etc this seams like a deliberate issue with wanting our food (obv I am aware that they can and can't eat it's not about that it's about their "cleverness" to know we're in a cafe and about to eat.. They also won't settle without spa music .. I can hear you laughing ... But my son always has nightime music to help him sleep but if that's not playing they won't sleep !! Obv they think we're mum and dad lol and appreciate they cry when out of sight I get that but I did not think ducks would be so blummin fussy and we'll clever ?! Is this normal ? They both compete for cuddles when they are angry annoyed let's say iv given them no mealworms when they know the bag is there they know which bag is which lol.. they peck me and moan loudly.. till they get what they want .. they however when they are getting what they want curl their head up around my arm and snuggle they deff don't peck me in temper lol I did not realise they were so precocious!! They are 7 weeks old ... I appreciate it's going to be a case of my making my own bed and spoiling them but all I had read no where had said they were so demanding it was all easy to look after etc etc They are currently watching TV on their fluffy bed heaven forbid I change the channel !!! Is it that all ducks are so fussy and clever and observant if so we should be warning new owners it's a 247 job and costly!! They will be wanting cavier next !!! Had I known they would have had a straw bed from day one lol ..

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