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  1. Thanks Cat Tails. This is what my gut is telling me. At the moment his 'play pen' is out i n the garden where the chooks wander so they do get the sight of each other without being able to reach each other - although one of them managed to give him a good peck yesterday!
  2. Good morning, I have a flock of 8 hens that I've raised up from chicks and are now 13 weeks old and living happily free-ranging on my small holding. We have 6 cream leg-bar and 2 buff sussex (man am I looking forward to blue eggs in a few months :)) I recently had the opportunity to get cream legbar cockerel who is now home and isolating in a outdoor playpen and overnighting in the shed. However, I have a rather big age discrepancy in that he is only 5 weeks (at most) old and looks absolutely tiny next to the girls. My question is at what age would it be suitable to introduce him to the flock? I am currently planning to wait at least a couple of more weeks until he is about 7/8 weeks or should it be longer? Many thanks x

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