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  1. Thanks both. I always put tonic and recently a vit d and calcium supp in the water. I will try gastro grit though thanks! Last wormed probably about 2-3 months ago
  2. Hi all. One of my silkies, Pom Pom, has been consistently laying eggs with paper thin shells for over a week. Usually she lays every other day and the eggs have always been slightly elongated, but lately shell less and very thin shelled eggs have become much more frequent. I just had two in a row! Two of them have stopped laying for the winter and one is still laying good eggs every other day. Pom is about 2 years old ish maybe younger. I’ve looked online quite extensively and there are so many factors so I bought liquid calcium and added that to their water. They always have access to grit and I’ve seen her eating it! They have omlet crumble and some treats a couple times a day and they free range all day too. I’ve read on the various health conditions and she seems absolutely fine - eating, pecking around, drinking, normal behaviour! I have seen that this could be to egg drop syndrome or infectious bronchitis, but if so, are the chickens ill with it ? thanks for your help x
  3. Hiya No they arent hatching any eggs. I'm taking them out three times a day to eat and drink something and they have a mooch around. Should i still try and break the brood? I read so much info online and some people say to leave them and others say to break them
  4. Hi all Wondering if you can help me. I have four silkies (two pairs that I got a couple months apart). The new pair are currently broody so are taking up the nesting boxes and have been for about 16 days now. The other two aren't and one is still laying fine, but the other hasn't laid in five days! She went up to the nesting box about four days ago and squashed herself in to try and lay and made an awful racket but wasn't able to. She isn't egg bound as she isn't displaying any of the symptoms of that, she's acting completely normal and eating/drinking fine and going about her normal day. Is this something I should be concerned about or is she perhaps upset due to the others taking up the boxes the whole time? Should i add a temporary box underneath? Thanks for your advice! 😀

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