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  1. Hi Shaun, I'm sorry I didnt reply sooner. I've had a rethink and will keep the run for now.
  2. I have a 2x2x2 stand up walk in Omlet run for sale. It’s about 11/2 years old in good condition, pick up from Taunton. I have yet to disassemble and will wash down.
  3. Yes but i forgot to say that i do like and have the space to move the classic around the garden. I feel that the cube would be : too extravagant for 2/3 hens quite cumbersome to move ? The go up seemed to be the answer?? need to see one really. never going to be a perfect solution i suppose.
  4. I am now down to 1 hen who is about 6. I am going to review my chicken housing as have collected quite abit over the last 15 years. Classic mark 1 .. excellent for 2 large hens, portability and brilliant metal mesh beneath to stop rats/ mice getting in from below. Kept as 'Camper van' to transport them on their holidays when we go away ( to another chicken keeper...not us, the hens! Would love to replace the bottom sliding metal bar that locks the top to the bottom but Omlet don't have replacements anymore. 🤕 On the negative side they never made moulded plastic perches so watch out for red mite....only ever had that once luckily. Classic mark 2.....excellent size for 3 large birds. However the rats managed to nibble up through the base through the nesting box hole and lurked in the air space between the base and the floor of the nestbox!. They also nibbled at the door from the outside! Would love to see that metal mesh put back on this model. Solved by putting housing on a bench and moving into stand up run. Stand up/ walk in run. ....RATS. got rats. Needs a nice concrete base. Also robins get in easily to feed themselves. 2x waterproof covers...good quality. What to keep and what to get rid of? Should I go for a GO UP ? What is the quality of them and are any of my old items saleable?
  5. Well sods law... she died yesterday! hey ho, Lice buried with her. New spray winging its way to me via Amazon. Still useful to keep in the cupboard!
  6. Thanks very much, I will give that a go
  7. For the first time in 15years I have I hen that attracts lice around her back end and today i found the egg sacks on her wing 'shoulder'. I have spent the last 6 weeks trying to tackle with a dusting of red mite powder every 2 days. She is ex battery and no longer lays. Always laid thin shelled eggs. Suspect an underlying problem as every 4 weeks from june this year she has been under the weather and only picked up after a couple of doses of tonic. goes from fiesty top of the pecking order to sad and sulky. She is with an older hen who is fine and not at all lousy. Anyone know of an effective de licer.....
  8. Hi, i have a 2x2x2m omlet chicken run that i’m about to dismantle. Its under 2 years old and in very good condition. Am in Taunton

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