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  1. Good Morning dear lovely hearts, Hope its blue skies & sunshine for those chicken runs .. we still have our little Border Terrier, she's equally as fun as the chooks, although she doesn't earn her keep the way the chooks gratefully rewarded our efforts she hasn't laid any eggs yet ! Thank you for the warmth, I'm sure as life changes, in time we will -hopefully -start again when we have grandchildren Olly, We're hoping to move from the South to the North of England. (husband must be having a midlife crisis!!) (also glad our daughter doesn't visit omlet forum ha ha) Ha ha Valkyrie, I can just imagine that tee hee, great idea , love to see photos of that Lewis & the expression of your neighbours ha ha ItsMayBankHolslongmaytheSunshinelongmayyoufeelitswarmthandlightwoohoooocheers
  2. HAPPY HENNIVERSARY Wow, curiously, I've just checked, its actually10 years for ours too, how coincidental we're popping back ha ha having never forgotten this forum & website. Looks like we joined in February 2008, maybe it was March when they were delivered from Omlet. Agreed, doesn't time fly!! Manyofourfunniestandhappiestmemoriesweretimessharedwithourchickens
  3. Thank you for surprising replies , its actually lovely to return to the chicken vibes I always enjoyed the warmth here, not very good at online thing but here always felt warmly welcoming, safely friendly & not at all intrusive as the internet can potentially be. Perhaps we're all at the similar phases with similar ages, accompanying empty nests , hurtling towards retirement rather than career expansions Aging, one of the true certainties in life, as the other ones death I'm grateful for the maturing process . Good Luck to you both, your families & the moving process, hope there's few chains & all works our beautifully. Holding onto our hats, best prepare for a roller coaster ride til settled ha ha. We're just at the stage of emptying 27 years of junk before the house is marketed. The markets volatile, very different movement in each direction of England & beyond . . some selling fast some not selling at all. Its going to be fun (I keep telling myself) Oh Midlands, how lovely ..although don't know the areas as well as I do Scotland, having spent some lovely holidays there. I adore Scotland, especially the Highlands, sounds a lovely reason to move there too following your daughter. Many magical moments shared, not that many will be missed. Distance does often spoil the fun when there's many miles between families. Ours is in Italy at the moment .. looking at visiting her in September if we're still static luckily she's not bothered where we live, .. she says wherever we are , we're her home for now . . could all change of course when ' Love' explodes within her - at the moment preferring to be single - heart! Here'stonewadventuresandsafejourneys Here'stogoodhealthwealthandhappiness
  4. We have a green think its Mk 1, cube, eglu , up & go , although not very far, as we think the wheel has fatigued. We always kept it in one place so never moved it, never needing the wheels. Its in great condition, its still as it was when erected by OMLET guy... we haven't taken it apart. We bought a run & an extra run for it too, which I guess means it 3m . . just for when the chooks weren't free ranging. We have the GRUB feeders. We're between Maidstone & Medway area in Kent. Any enquiries welcome. Many thanks Ms T (photos to follow, but after such glorious sunshine - its raining) notsureI'mupforthismovinglarkseemsalotofhassle
  5. if you do, its been many years... Hellooo how are you all , hope you're healthy & happy, enjoying a cheerful chookful life Once upon a time, we had many chickens, all of them much loved .. Then the usual takes over . . life, working abroad, new jobs, old jobs, children growing up, moving away, coming home, travelling, deaths, rebirths , trials, tribulations & celebrations . . cycles, seasons & new beginnings . . Back to where we started, as all of our chickens, inevitably passed into angelic winged heaven . . I couldn't bear to get rid of our Cube (Mk 1) always intending to have some more, rescue some etc etc However it hasn't worked out that way. Now, we're planning on moving from one end of the country almost to the other I'm afraid, well upon strict orders from hubby, that "we're NOT taking the cube with us!!" To begin with I felt a little sad, of course we are, we're always going to have chickens . . yet its been 7 years since our last little lot & I imagine the next 7 years will pass by equally as fast without any time to reignite our passion for the chickens. If anyone's interested in an old MK 1 Cube , regrettably there's a lovely one coming up for sale in Kent. Abundant Blessings Ms T aheadoftimewiththehashtagmentality,'whowould'vebelievedithaha notsocrazyafterall
  6. Hi there, Bless you, my friend had one about 7 years ago, our girls went to school together & she came for Reflexology during her recovery. She is absolutely brill - looks fantastic & is always busy. She has no choice - it had to be removed it was so huge it was restricting her swallowing. Good Luck, as Christian says .. it can take a while to feel human again with the Endocrine/TSH levels etc but well worth it long term. Also maintaining daily exercise helps, my friend plays hockey & I'm sure because she was so fit it helped her speedy recovery MsTilysurroundsyouinwarmthofprayersandthoughtsofwellbeing.
  7. Hello CS Thank you for your reply, we don't intend to use it for any longer than absolutely necessary. Just to train them, stop them from legging it at any opportunity when they hear voices. They think everyone is their friend!!! We were lucky our postman brought her home, she's like a little whippet her back legs are in front of her front ones ha ha. They're fine when we're out walking, they run & play by our side but follow us without hesitation & come back to us at every recall (except if theres a jogger or cyclist) even though they dont stray very far from our legs. Its at home where they just seem so excitable & lethal. Even though we're both home, when working I'd still like them to enjoy the outdoors as they play so well together, we've built them a little agility play area & they do play on it but hear a voice & one of them in particular is off. This morning, they dug underneath the fence & trotted over next doors lawn, they cam immediately back - now I was in the garden with them - filling the chickens water!!! So they did this in a couple of seconds!! Many Thanks MsTilythoughtchooks&catswereagreatexcusefornohouseworkEeeeekitsnowpups!Ooohdear!
  8. hello CM They're little Border terriers, not sure how to put photies on here, although not because you wont know what Border Terriers are but because theyre soooooo lovely Thanks again MsTilyspupscats&chickensallfreerangetogether chooksstillruletheroostthencats&lastlypups
  9. Hello there Thank you for the information. Much appreciated, we also feel quite a dilemma as it isnt natural to want to hurt anything in life, let alone your own pets. We've read there are 5 settings, we also read within a couple of weeks the aversion therapy has worked & can switch the wire off. We live on an unadopted track, which leads into a village & onto a large main crossroad. Our garden boundary which we want to wire leads onto a slope which descends onto a very busy dual carriage way. Although we doubt the dogs would wander that way, we cant be sure & wont take the risk. Fencing will be difficult due to the land although we could i guess create a false boundary but pruning hedges & trees etc would be difficult . . as you can tell we're totally unsure as best way to protect the dogs from inadvertent harm due to their very curious nature. We have a large garden, they have plenty of room but its just their nature to flee after the scent of man or other !! We are training them & they are responding sooo well but its my peace of mind so they can enjoy being in the garden without the fear of them running off. We've read its just like when we touch an escalator, short & sharp. Thank you soo much. MsTilyhopeseveryonehasawonderfulharvestfeelingofappreciationforallthingsnatural&prolific
  10. Hello All, Before we go ahead with any purchase, after reading online reviews, I decided the best place to check for any truthful information & experience is of course .. . OMLET FORUM Soooo, in usual request please please please do anyone have any experience, wisdom re these elecrtic wires which are buried beneath the ground which train the dogs to keep away from crossing the boundary. We have two gorgeous pups, they are sooo adorable, very well behaved & a joy. We both 'work' from home & it seemed perfect timing. However, theyre just sooo friendly everytime the postman or anyone walks past & they hear the gravel one of them legs it thru & has been carried back by the postman twice, a neighbour twice & a stranger once. As much as we try to teach her, NO & call her back & try to train her - she's deaf when it comes to the opportunity of a cuddle !!! (she's also a nightmare with cyclists & joggers whom she just disappears with) Yes we go to training class - but - its early days We've only had her 4 weeks, bless & she is responding very well to all training . . er except the afore 3 mentioned. Obviously this isnt good & we want to keep her safely in the garden whilst training etc Has anyone used these electric wires, first I think there's a noise warning then the shock. It sounds sooo awful but I really dont want to risk her being hurt or causing an accident or getting lost (worse into the wrong cruel hands) etc We've only 2 chooks left now, so once we get over the winter I think we'll maybe have more as we haven't seen the fox since we've have the little terriers. Many Many Thanks MsTilyschookseattheborderpupsdinnerMsTIlyschooksstillruletheroostofallanimals!! MsTilywishesyouabeautifulAutumnalday
  11. Well, Dear Lady, remember from now on - its all the little things which can make a huge wonderful difference - and as you tend to your gardens, new home & enjoy your panoramic views - seems to me like a very good time to begin to also tend to & nourish your Soul, making & taking the time to take stock, remember all the good things you love doing & when you last did them, all the dreams still waiting to be fulfilled, all the treats & pleasures, leisures & joys you've never made enough time for, men can take up an enormous amount of our time, so in each & every moment, one tiny step at a time make sure the first things you do are to nourish you are & all yet to become. Make sure the big life changes are full of many moments bathed in choices from the heart, the gut instinct & the sheer thrill of 'because you can & want to'! They say we each have a book within us, I think we have many & as one one chapter closes another awaits the scribbles commencing - the journey, the trials & tribulations and the celebrations! Here's to you, in your new home - may it soon feel like home. Here's to you, your very good health - long may you continue to recover & enjoy all the wonderful choices & creativity soldering within you & your life. Here's to you & all yet unfolding .. trust in life's process & all yet to come .. wishing you many wonderful surprises, good health & much happiness. Abundant Blessings MsTilythinkslifebeginsat41yrsold,MsTilyhopesoneday,intime,youcanlookbackandthink wowthatwasthebeginningofthemostwonderful,happiesttimesinmywholelife.
  12. Helloo Yes I had a video tape set of Zumba years ago & it was great fun, it really seems to be taking off again I heard someone talking about it a few weeks ago & wondered if it was the same. I don't have a video recorder now but I still held onto the tapes as they were such a great mix of dance & excerise. ... try it I thought it was great fun & amazingf execrise & that , sadly, was just following a group of dances, a teacher on video. There were 3 videos, the 3rd being advanced - nevere ever did I achieve that fitness level Go for it... MsTilyneedstofinditondvd:)orfindalocalclass.Hopeyouenjoyitwhenyoutryit.
  13. Classic every time, if you have the space I just love the shape of it, love the curves as opposed to the more angular shape of the Go. In fact I just love everything about the Classic much more, everything from the way it looks to how it works & feels but ultimately its personal preference & what best suits your needs . Happy choosing MsTilyhopeseveryonesenjoyingthehotsunshine withicedcoldPimmsorwhateveryourtipple
  14. Helloooo Magaret Hope you're healthy & happy, ah well Ive been to life's little hell holes & back tee hee its just been a most hectic same as many others lives are, but all, I hope, will soon pan out & some normality resumes meanwhile at least I have laptop again, am living back at home with family after 5 months travelling & working abroad, family & chickens are doing ok & the chooks still amuse me greatly daily. MsTilyisstillamazedpeoplreadthismumbledlittleoutlet. Blessyourinsanitytoo Haveamostspecialnight,peaceful&warm Ooooh&remember,hopeyoumakeawishupontheonceinalifetimecomet whichishurtlingthroughNorthernly/NorthWestpartofourskiestonight. Hopethecometisanomenoffortuneschangingforthebetterforeveryone muchtooursurprise!
  15. ahhhhhhh !! Ive had my shopping from Tesco's for last few years, didnt know you could use club points against flights!!! They sent me a card in the post & didnt do anything with it will have to check mine as I think they now automatically give you a card ( I often shop online) & spend a small fortune weekly!! MsTilysofftotesco.comwhatanexcitingthoughtalmostasexciting asthecome"Ooops, word censored!"chinglater

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