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  1. Thank you, yes I keep their hay topped up at all times. Some in the hay rack in the hutch, some in the toilet and I top up if I see it getting low. Fill both up full at night or if going out. The hay rack story has scared me though. Will look to see if we can secure the top in the hutch somehow so they don't jump on top of it.
  2. Hi, our new bunnies had a great first couple of days. They are so friendly and settled in so well. Loving all their toys and some grass time yesterday. Eating and drinking well. Lots of binkies! Using their litter tray and no poos or wees in the run hooray! They do tend to poo when they eat the hay in the rack in the Eglu go hutch/bedroom though. Do you use the hay rack in there? I suppose it saves them having to come out at night to use the potty. Although we're not using the water bottle in there as it drips constantly, I've heard they're difficult to keep clean, plus our buns are used to bowls. I've put 2 bowls in the run in case one gets spoiled. I've now moved them to a safer spot. I also have a concern that Bea (Beatrix), today jumped up into the hay rack in the hutch! Worried that if there's no hay in there she may get herself wedged. Do they only jump up if they see something secure to actually sit on? (This is when the hay was freshly full). Also the Eglu go video is hilarious. The kids putting that tiny bit of bedding in. My buns like the entire hutch as a bed, not just the 3/4 section bit. So it's all lined with newspaper and straw. The news paper was absolutely saturated though. I'd prefer them to keep the bedroom just for sleeping (not eating pooing and weeing). Have any of you taken the hay rack out? Is it removable and do you think that's a good idea? Like I say, if it's not full of hay I'm nervous they'll jump in there and get stuck. Thanks xx
  3. Hi, sorry to hijack this post. But you mentioned about the boy/girl situation. I read the boy can get neutered around 3 moths or when a certain weight. Can I keep my boy and girl together until he is neutered? They are 8 weeks at the moment? Will they be safely unable to breed up until his 3 month op??
  4. Aw how cute. I feel exactly the same. I pick up 2 x 8 week old Netherland Dwarves this week. I want them outside, but they'll seem so tiny in the Eglu at night.
  5. Thanks so much. They are brother and sister, although this is to be confirmed by the vet next week. I will be getting the male neutered. Do you all vaccinate your bunnies? I have booked their vaccination for next week. We have laid slabs with abit of natural texture. I.e not silky smooth like our patio. They were free from a family member redoing their garden so I'm not precious about them. They are litter trained already but does litter trained mean just poop or wee too?
  6. Oh no, hope your bunny is ok now. You shut them in the tiny hutch part? There's not much air in there with the door shut, or do you have another hutch?. Hope you can get it sorted soon. We have our rabbit run on slabs with the skirt instead of the wire underneath
  7. Hi, this may be a silly question, but we are having outdoor bunnies. They are only 8 weeks and I'm wondering if the Eglu is too dark inside for them at night? The door is obviously open all the time so they can come in and out of the run as they please, but at night it looks be so dark in the hutch itself. Just wondering if any of you leave like a solar light or anything by the run?
  8. I have the same question! That's very sad. Does the Go have that same gap?
  9. That's really helpful thank you. The babies are from two well loved pets. The owner allowed them to have one litter before neutering/spaying, so they are not a breeder as such. Yes normal short haired. The run I find is dry for a strip down the middle but the edges are wet. The hutch and run is in a lovely shady spot which gets natural light in the garden, but not direct sunlight, so they should be comfy in the heat. But I have read about all the precautions to take in heat, very wise. Thank you. So in love with the little buns. Will attach some pictures. Think we will definitely slab the area. Then should I put abit of hay or straw down in some areas? or is the softness of their hutch enough? Also should the slabs be smooth, so they aren't too rough, or is slightly rougher better so the bunnies don't slip? Also we have the two hay troughs to eat from. Should softness in the run be created by straw? Or no need?
  10. Hi there, I am new to rabbits. I collect 2 8 week old Netherland Dwarves next month. I have a few questions. As they are so tiny at this age, do you take them in at night? We bought the Eglu go hutch and 2 metre run with skirt. I bought the full length rain cover (half green, half clear), but the rain I notice still makes the run wet? How do you stop this? Do you add an extra cover? Also, we are undecided whether to put the run onto grass, or concrete or artificial grass as it is easily hosed down? The bunnies will be allowed out with close supervision in a play pen on the grass once a day. Any advice appreciated. Thanks Jo and Baby bunnies Beatrix and Rocky

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