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  1. There's 4 in total (plus 2 newbies in a spilt off run) 1 of the others had a small look in on the arguement and decided against it, the other seems to not care. Kali, who lost her toe, is our head chook and onlys lays about twice a week so I don't know if she's stopped laying, and Darla still laid yesterday. Kali has currently won the nesting box, Darla is stroping outside, not happy she's lost. Both me and my mum work full time so there's noone here to watch them most of the time, just lucky today was my day off. We do have some netting so I can try to make the best box uncomfortable. Also slightly less important, but Kali has bled everywhere, it's like she saw she was bleeding and, on purpose, went everywhere in the run she could...is it ok to leave? I've tried washing it, but blood out of wood is not easy. Purple spray it maybe?
  2. I have had a rather stressful morning of fights between normally friendly chooks, 1 got a toe nail torn out by being awkwardly pushed off a ladder fighting for the nesting box (that bled supprising amounts, I've put some purple spray on it). They are now both in the nesting box but seem to be trying to occupy the same space, with one sitting on the other, I've tried to stop them, by moving them, shutting them out, and just standing in the run with the scary broom, but I've created a lot of noise and some pain for myself. I have no way of separating them...any advice on what's best to do would be appriciated. Thanks
  3. Thank you for the suggestions, its what we thought to do, but felt a little mean shutting them out of their home Will try closing the door tonight and keep an eye on them.
  4. Hi, We've recently added 2 newbies to our other 2 girls and they are now living together in their run. However, we have a cube (which is the original home) and an Eglu (which we got for integration), all 4 are laying in the cube, but the new 2 go back to sleep in the Eglu. We wish to get a few more and will need to Eglu to start integration again.Is there an easy way to convince them the Cube is a much better place to sleep? Thank You
  5. The dustbath is just a shallow tubtrug, so is the orange one, but different sizes, we found ours at a local farm shop, but b&q/homebase has them, they are handy for everything (we use deep ones for growing potatoes and carrots).
  6. Here you go (clickable): It's quite a bright white, but so far the new chooks aren't getting up any earlier than the girls in the purple cube. I'm kinda upset it won't be used for long, just for integrating new chooks, and then as a possible hospital.
  7. I have one =) It's very pretty. We lost a chicken few weeks ago and wanted to get a bigger flock, this coming on sale was the perfect excuse to do it. We got 2 new girls yesterday (bringing our total to 4), so far it's still clean We do have aubiose on the base so hopefully it'll stay clean.
  8. Slowly, over the last few weeks, my 3 chickens have started laying, the last one today and has produced a double yolk first time! I was completely amazed! We cooked all 3 of todays eggs Kali, Ms Nigel-Murray and Eva - 3 beautiful eggs! and the chickens they came from Kali, Eva and Ms Nigel-Murray - 3 beautiful chickens (though this photo is about 2 months old, they are a little bigger now) Very proud mummy here!
  9. Hi I've had my chickens about 5 weeks, and I am loving it! No greater pet in my opinion, all 3 are about 19 weeks now..however 1 chook, Ms Nigel-Murray is loosing feathers around her head, I didn't think moulting so young was normal, she hasn't laid yet, so I'm very worried its pecking, the 3 chickens have grown up together so shouldn't bully each other. I've taken some pictures (not easy taking a photo of a chickens neck is it..) and I hope you guys can help. Her tail feathers looked a bit off this morning too, the feather wasnt neat and had bits bunched up to make gaps..I haven't a picture of this so I hope that makes sense. Thanks! (I have just noticed the photo contains my other 2 chickens, Kali and Eva, so this is their introduction to the forum too!)
  10. The Vampire Diaries were writen in 1991, a looooonnngg time before twilight ever happened, twilight just got popular first and twilight has copied things, at least these vampires dont sparkle =P. The Vampire Diaries books are amazing =D
  11. Thanks for your suggestions I will have a look =D
  12. There are only a couple of small shops near me and i'd like to get it from the same place so its all the same and less postage, i couldnt believe how difficult it is to find a medium grey and a rather light grey in the same place Any suggestions? Thank You
  13. Yes i did, though sewing all the lion pieces together im sure took longer than the crocheting Decreasing is actually quite easy though confusing at first This lady: http://www.youtube.com/user/tjw1963 has both left and right handed tutorials and they are wonderful. I couldnt learn anything from books, made it far too complex and being left handed made it awkward, learnt in a day(well, actually it was a night but a whole night) watching these =D
  14. Quite new to crocheting but thought it'd make a nice gift for mum if i made something for her. She liked the octopus i made but i thought id make her a lion as shes a leo this was my octopus: http://i3.photobucket.com/albums/y79/speckleyboo/DSC00538.jpg and this is her lion: http://i3.photobucket.com/albums/y79/speckleyboo/DSC00559.jpg http://i3.photobucket.com/albums/y79/speckleyboo/DSC00557.jpg I was quite impressed with how it turned out, apart from maybe the letters, looks like a 6year olds attempted im my opinion and im nearly 20 =P

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