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  1. Unfortunately I don't belong to the club, i made the mistake of buying my girl some things for her birthday and am now in the position that any (and every) occasion demands their products, more overtime required methinks . Even our 9 year old daughter got some for her birthday! Admittedly they were a freebie sent after an administrative error (very generous, an apology would have done). Anyhoo, I can strongly recommend their slabs for pure wow factor, tuck in and worry about the consequences tomorrow
  2. For those of you who enjoy chocolate the best we have found comes from http://www.hotelchocolat.co.uk It's expensive but well worth it.......
  3. Hey Buffie, My best mate Fred is an illustrator (similar style to Quentin Blake). his website should give you a good idea of his work, find it at www.blunt-illustration.co.uk. Hope this helps Thanks Stuart
  4. We live in Salisbury and would be happy to help out anyone needing some chicken sitting done. I work in Swindon so can help out anywhere en route too.
  5. What a great idea, chav chickens! Do you think they'll do one in a burberry check? Well found Kate

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