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  1. Thankyou... sorry didn't mean to suggest the chick would be by itself, was always going to be with its mama. Was thinking of putting a cat carrier at the base of the omlet go-up with mesh tunnel so penny can still get out to eat, but with a higher access so the chicks cant get out. Having said that I will look into a separate pen/coup. - thankyou.
  2. So I have 2 hens (1faverolles, 1 speckled sussex) and a roo(1 fav), all three were raised by a beautiful silkie mama "Tikka" who was a broody girl, my friend bought some chicks that she put under the gorgeous Tikka, who raised this ragtag motley crew brilliantly. (Only negative was we got a roo that was supposed to be a hen!) Silkies are great mamas, and even though these weren't her eggs she raised them as her own, we had one fail, because of the silkie fluffy butt feathers, a chick hung itself unable to disentangle from the hairlike feathers, had heard that this can happen. (Tikka received an ever so gentle feathers trimming to reduce the long straggley bits) the rest were fine. Enjoy!
  3. Hello So we love our omlet go up (well apart from the wheel snapping off-still waiting for the replacement ) and we have 2 happy hens and a roo (not intentional) ... we have at the least 1 egg that has a chick in it (candled) my problem is that mama and eggs are upstairs, I will leave eggs til the chick(s) hatches, but I was wondering does anyone have any experience using their existing go-up to convert a section downstairs for the nursery obviously the chick can't climb the ladder and may fall between the cracks of the roost. I wanted to leave her (penny mama) with her pals but separate to keep the chick safe.... or is this wishful thinking?
  4. My Penny (speckled sussex) has taken to pecking at me and almost "glaring" at me when I go in to their run, yes I feel I have accidentally endorsed it with giving them treats! Weirdly tho when I hold out the food most of the time she is disinterested until I take 1 dried mealie worm and hand it to her. The other 2 are faverolles hen and roo and they are polite, the hen Josie is a guts and will gobble up the worms from my hand and the roo Jacques is very patient and will wait his turn. Mmm yes I think I have a little madam in penny
  5. Hello, we have our new chickens and an eglu go up.. our chookies are only about 9weeks old ish. I put the pullet mix into the omlet food container and put the lid on. I am concerned that they can't quite reach the food? Too deep or they aren't quite big enough to reach it. The container is down low Or am I being an overly worried chicken mum?

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