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  1. I have a female marmoset she is 3.5yrs old I have had her since she was 6 weeks old. I ADORE her yes she us a lot if work but with training I got her to pee and poop in kitty liter yes she had pee accidents but only if she gets crazy excited. They are definitely not for children to own they are a lot of work and time demanding. Vet bills not so much as long as you maintain a good diet but that's where a lot of money goes into. I spend about 4 dollars a day feeding her if not more. She is rarely locked into her cage which I got off amazon for 60 dollars and it's 6ft tall. The most important thing I have learned was to teach her the word NO right away so when she is being naughty I say NO very stern and she stops immediately. All of these posts say don't do it, I can honestly say my baby got me through 2yrs of cancer treatments when I was barely able to sit up she would come and play with me she got me through it I wouldn't trade her for the world. Also they do not stink if you bathe them, I gave my baby a weekly bath and everyday a fur wipe down with natural baby wipes. It's all about how you care for baby and the time you put in.

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