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  1. I have a bantam cochin that looks just like Sweetpea! I tried to use our Go at ground level for her broodie coop, but she wouldn’t have it. She insisted on brooding in her current coop. However, I have, since that time, used my Go, at ground level, as a broodie coop for a standard size hen and it worked great. Just be sure that you put it on a secure underpinning, like 2x4s or a piece of thick plywood, to keep it relatively level and to make sure nothing can come at it from burrowing underneath (a problem where I live). While I’ve never had a “break in”, the sounds of those animals has been very disturbing to my girls in the past. I take out the roost floor and just use the underflooring, filling the entire area with your preferred litter (I use hemp). This way, its easier when you move her to the coop to get her nesting spot set up in the back, where you can easily access it for cleaning.

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