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  1. biggest issue is the number of "wanted boxer pup" ads I am already seeing..
  2. Cult Maniax, or the other lot?
  3. A now not so young man I know went to M & S for Xmas work whilst at college, and once finished his college thing, went back, never left. He is now the National product buyer for perishables, with the salary etc to match. He's now mid 30's!
  4. My name is Freddie, and I crochet A lot!
  5. I do take my dog out twice a day for approx 3km brisk walking( she does about 10) across farmland and moor, in all weathers, but that's it. And I have cut down food which is hard, as I do like my food....
  6. Couperwife, you're a star..and so polite! Thabnk you for helping me get these pics up, I couldn't do it myself The smell is amazing, I keep opening and breathing in! Thank you so much to my swapper, such a lovely gift. XX
  7. I will get pics up.. I am trying. It's not going well. I have eaten the chocs!! The rest I have not touched , and won't until I sort this pic thing out. Keep watching.. it will happen!
  8. I've opened mine, it's fantastic! I have all sorts of bath salts and candles and things, in a beautiful knitted bag.. Pics will follow, promise! Thank you so much, secret Crafter!
  9. Sorry to heasr all your sadness, there is Never a good time, But, here is a great place to get help, support, and un-erring friendship. We all send our thoughts and wishes to you and yours through this time.
  10. I have, miraculously, sent mine, and I have mine too, un opened, and out of harms way.. Thank you for organizing this one , you've done a sterling job
  11. Still making mine.. Night off tomorrow, so it'll be finished then... Honest!!
  12. Lime, soda and Angastura bitters.. Yum. Elderflower cordial with soda is good too, with lemon slices.
  13. I have a parcel arrive with Freddie on it.. Too organised, surely? I haven't opened it...
  14. Re Survey. The bsnk/B Soc will need/do one, that is really basic. the other "survey"(£500) ..well.. I would sooner paya reputable builder to come look through the property thoroughly, rather than use a survey Co. The last two "surveys" we had done were pointless, and expensive, and come with a get out of jail free clause in the small print. Congratulations, by the way!!
  15. Bloss is in his posh new everything proof box, (steel mesh ex parrot cage, reworked, so no danger of him getting rodent damage) he's going down into his deep sleep, at last, in the stone shed! See him next March, lucky devil...
  16. Hello all . I've been unable to get into the forum for months, but broke in via fb.. I have my victims' address now, so will start thinking....!
  17. He's in straw, in a cardboard box, inside a converted parrot cage to stop any rat interference, ina stone shed!
  18. Mine has gone to bed. Night night until end march 1!
  19. Finally managed to break back into the forum!! Yes please!
  20. I gave up about two years ago, when Voluntary redundancy was offered. Never regretted it for a day, although it may get interesting when we have to renew our mortgage when the current fix runs out in 2015.. We'll see. We dropped about 11k when I quit. but it has been worth it. I like rice!
  21. Thanks for that.. it's a nightmare , he wants to do Mech Engineering, but it's 4 yrs, and works out to about 60k. I can't get my head around that sort of debt. At 22/23 What have we done to our country?
  22. Any info please, you well informed lot? When I was young, there was Apprenticeships, full stop. Now the higher/advanced are the ones with the degree course worked into them? It's a minefield for the amateur Parent!
  23. I didn't look at the price to be honest, but just at the beauty of them.. I will have a look now, smelling salts at the ready!
  24. I think if you just put her name in Good old Google... You may end up dribbling on your keyboard though..
  25. DogMother. I saw this, and thought of you!!. Go have a peek at Lorraine Corrigan page on FB.. It's stunning

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