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  1. I do take my dog out twice a day for approx 3km brisk walking( she does about 10) across farmland and moor, in all weathers, but that's it. And I have cut down food :( which is hard, as I do like my food....

  2. Couperwife, you're a star..and so polite! Thabnk you for helping me get these pics up, I couldn't do it myself :(

    The smell is amazing, I keep opening and breathing in! Thank you so much to my swapper, such a lovely gift. XX

  3. Re Survey. The bsnk/B Soc will need/do one, that is really basic. the other "survey"(£500) ..well.. I would sooner paya reputable builder to come look through the property thoroughly, rather than use a survey Co. The last two "surveys" we had done were pointless, and expensive, and come with a get out of jail free clause in the small print.

    Congratulations, by the way!!

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