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  1. I have prescription glasses for reading/computer work too, my arms just aren't long enough any more... I do possess a couple of prs of the cheapy ones at 1.25 strength, in cases, to live in the car/in my bag, as then I always have a pair around when needed!! Just a thought!!
  2. Ouch.. and more Ouch.. It's all the things you try to now do, and find you cant Take it easy..
  3. I was 33 when I had ES, and 36 with DD, so yep, done that!! It's like falling off a log.. But.... It's great, as you have the patience of years to fall back on, and aren't so swayed by the latest missive form expert.. Enjoy your babies, I did!! Have to say am not enjoying 18 yr old teen boy Quite as nuch at the moment!! But its all a No box, no instructions sort of thing, as I have never had to deal with a teenage boy before, and he hasn't either!!
  4. Just caught up with this. So sorry to hear of your loss, part of your family has moved on to places new, and it's so hard. Thinking of you all. X
  5. Try local recycle for a discarded hi vis jacket that can be cut up and re purposed!! Let's see when you've done, please!!
  6. Be careful out there, it's getting worse too. Time to double check all doors, and batten everything down!! My birds are NOT happy.. They're hiding in the feed shed, with a bedraggled pheasant!!
  7. My next door neighbour has DD doing childrens nursing at Cardiff. The teaching hospital is close enough she can stay in her rooms for her placements out, so avoiding additional costs, and she's loving it. She has people in Plymouth doing same thing, and having to book B+b 's Jst a thought.. Well done Rosie, My ES is doing 2nd yr A levels x4 in math/science, and the workload is much higher than gcse
  8. Ouch. I've had it, and remember the pain too vividly. It does go away, eventually. I wore really decent supportive trainers, as I stand and trot about all day at work, the decent footwear does help. And put them up in the eve, if at all possible. i soaked mine every night in a bowl of lovely warm water too.. Don't know whether it made a difference, but it felt nice!
  9. Sue says it all, every word, of every dog that has brought life to us shallow humans. I'm in bits, just reading her words. Please let her know how sad we are for her, and what a beautiful wordsmith she is.
  10. I LOVE him. His Lyrics are amazing/devastating, depending. Have a ball, I would Go:) I'm going to Chagstock with two teen girls in July, My first festival!! (and I'm fifty something!!)
  11. If it's a Landy, then any good Agricultural Engineer will prob service it for a lot less than a gage. We are Ag Eng!! In Devon though, a bit far!! Ask your local friendly farmer!!
  12. Great thread!! In Order! My kids, my husband, my animals and fowl, My health. My stunningly lovely, and so much loved dog, after 18 years of waiting! Good friends. Living in the country, near the sea. Sunshine, and a bit of blue sky if possible. Dry fluffy socks after having wet feet! A good book, and time to read it!
  13. Australia, to see my best friend , who My DD is namesd after.. We have only seen ech other once since 1985.. We still are BF. (perhaps that's why!!)
  14. I watched it, but felt that as usual, the writer took the easy way out, where everything neatly ended up ok for all parties, except the poor Mrs Carl, who has not been let off so lightly, but expected to just accept everything, as usual.. Weak writing, and pathetic plotline. Glad I was doing something else at the same time,
  15. I've just finished a large cushion cover, in a chequer pattern, and it's come out pretty well!! I prefer crochet, but liked the pattern so out came the knitting needles!! Might get a pic later!! Also made some wrist/arm warmers for DD with a bit of leftover wool, in a pretty moss stitch('cos it's easy!!)
  16. Oh made me a log rack, to go next to the wood burner, it's metal, and black(good old Hammerite!), and really really useful. Love it!! Useda green trug before
  17. Simon, and his attribute are still together, and well and Dandy.. Sensible and older now, as we all are, , perhaps he will see this thread sometime in the next few days... It'll be interesting to see if he braves a re take!!
  18. Can I go? one of my cats has taken to toileting in the bath, the teenager won't get up, work is silly busy, we've all had rough colds, and zombie boot camp sounds like the Hilton to me!!
  19. Welcome to the mad world of hen keeping!! You do know that the disease known medically as "Morehens" is showing it's symptoms in you already, as a cube will hold up to 10 birds...... Nice grass.. take lots of pics of that, to remind yourself in future times....
  20. I lived in South Africa in the 80's, as segregation broke down, it was an interesting time for me, as I was white, European, with no political views . I worry for Africa now he has gone, because whilst he was alive, the supposed power brokers have had to behave. There could be trouble ahead. S.A is a magnificent country;I hope it survives this loss.
  21. I wish I'd havejoined in now... I would have had the time after all.. Never mind
  22. My friend 's son did what you have , Scrambled, and is 22 with a house, as well.. (and he's still single...??) He did electrician. What did you do?
  23. Thank you, I shall be encouraging him to read these posts. He's really bright, but fairly sloth like now, having been fiercely competitive in his teens with Nat Squad windsurf.! I worry about his level of motivation, vs the debt issue, Perhaps I need to let him find his own way, but he seems to need guidance from adults at this oh so difficult and much changing time in his life.. Glad I'm not a teenager now
  24. ES and DH have left fro the 2nd round, two days of uni visits, with the prospect of fee rises ringing in their ears as they drive off. I don't know what to recommend to ES, the prospect of degree course, and likely 50k debt, or try to get an apprenticeship, with lower earning prospects in his future..

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